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Scotiabank Giller Prize 2012: Author Q&As

q-a-icon.jpgTo celebrate this year's Scotiabank Giller Prize, we've posted Q&A interviews with the longlisted and shortlisted authors. We asked them about their books, their favourite recent reads and their thoughts on the craft of writing. You can read their responses below.

Check out our video page, featuring interviews with winner Will Ferguson and the broadcast replay of this year's gala.

Shortlisted authors:

Will Ferguson, 419 (2012 Scotiabank Giller Prize winner)

"The characters in 419 are all searching for each other -- they just don't know it."

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Alix Ohlin, Inside

"Inside is about three people whose lives intersect over the course of ten years, as each of them endures moments of crisis."

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richler_nancy-50-55.jpgNancy Richler, The Imposter Bride

When I started writing The Imposter Bride I wanted to explore what it might be like for a young woman alone in the world to be rejected on sight by the man on whom she depended to build her new life.

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kim-thuy-50-55.jpgKim Thuy, Ru

"It is about the privilege of the lucky few who have survived chaos and seen beauty coming to them in the most unexpected ways."

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russell-wangersky-50.jpgRussell Wangersky, Whirl Away

"I had a nucleus of stories that looked at the question of what happens when a person's major skill -- their pride, their need to be the centre of attention, their skill at their job -- became their biggest weakness or greatest blind spot."

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Longlisted authors:

billie-livingston-50-55.jpgBillie Livingston, One Good Hustle

"What if my mother and father had both been con artists? How would it have been to be a part of that world?"

annabel-lyon-50.jpgAnnabel Lyon, The Sweet Girl

"For me it's about the relationship between love and self-reliance, love of others and the need for solitude."

richardson_cs-50.jpgCS Richardson, The Emperor of Paris

"The power of imagination, the wonder of books, the miracles of happenstance."

fagan-cary-50.jpgCary Fagan, My Life Among The Apes

"I'm interested in how we imagine our own lives, and how that fantasy intersects or contrasts with reality."

davis_lauren-50.jpgLauren B. Davis, Our Daily Bread

"The question I'm asking is: What happens when we view out neighbor as 'the Other' and what is the transformative power of unlikely friendships?"

katrina-onstad-profile-50.jpgKatrina Onstad, Everybody Has Everything

"As soon as you have kids, there's a low level hum of tragedy, an anticipation that something bad will happen. I ran off from there, allowing the worst to happen."

hough-robert-50.jpgRobert Hough, Dr. Brinkley's Tower

"I suppose it's a cautionary message, up there with 'don't run with scissors' or 'wait a half hour after eating to go swimming.' Except in the case of Dr. Brinkley's Tower, it's more like: 'if you monkey with a foreign country, you should be really, really, really careful.'"

marjorie_celona-50.jpgMarjorie Celona, Y

"The most important thing at the core of Y is Shannon. All else just spins around her."

2012 Readers' Choice winner:

peggy-blair-beggars-opera-50-55.jpgPeggy Blair, The Beggar's Opera

"At its heart, I think the book is a story about survival: how people somehow adapt to the challenges life throws at them."