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Lynn Coady in conversation with Jian Ghomeshi


On Tuesday, November 5, Lynn Coady won the 2013 Scotiabank Giller Prize for her short story collection Hellgoing, the most prestigious prize for fiction in Canada. After all the excitement of the evening (which you can watch here), Lynn joined Jian Ghomeshi in the Q studio to discuss her surprising win the following morning.

"I was telling myself not to get all excited," she said about her win. "When your name is not called, there's a bit of a crash...All the other writers are so worthy and so wonderful. I wanted to feel genuinely happy for them and not bad for myself, so I was generally trying to keep my cool. And when my name was called it was like 'oh great, I don't have to keep my cool anymore.' And I did not."

As the 2013 Giller Prize winner, Coady took home a cheque for $50,000, can count herself among names like Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro and Michael Ondaatje and can look forward to selling a lot more books.

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