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Winner of our Select Your Shortlist grand prize!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the winner of the Scotiabank Giller Prize Select Your Shortlist grand prize! Congratulations to JeannetteNL, who submitted these picks:


"1)The Beggar's Garden by Michael Christie-He clearly drew upon his experiences working in a homeless shelter & therefore there is a "realness" to his writing that brings the story to life.

2) Touch by Alexi Zentner- A story of magical realism that could have gone wrong (considering all the fantasy type programming we have had lately with fairies and vampires etc.) But instead it is as enchanting and magical as it was threatening rendering it very entertaining. A great way to escape for a while.

3) Solitaria by Genni Gunn- This at times, was hard to face as it was a journey into some of the dark pitfalls and tragedies of life such as poverty, failure, love, incest and death. Well written considering the subject matter.

4) Myrna Dey's Extensions- I was rooting for this author, as she is a touch older sending out her debut novel that is absorbing and well-written.

5) The Antagonist by Lynn Coady-Considering the tone of this book, it is clear that this author must have at some point listened in on some strictly male conversations or so it would seem. A great attempt to show just how someone could be wrongly judged by outer appearances."

JeannetteNL will receive a $1,000 Chapters Indigo gift card courtesy of Scotiabank to help build her dream library! Thanks to everyone who entered in our contest.

As we head towards the Scotiabank Giller Prize gala ceremony on Nov. 8, there's still one more exciting contest to take part in: Guess The Giller! Send us your prediction of which book will win this year's award and you could win great prizes, including dinner with the winning author!

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