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Adrienne K. for The Beggar's Opera by Peggy Plair

Toronto, ON

The Beggar's Opera is a gripping, fast-paced literary mystery. It is brilliantly plotted and deeply imagined. It evokes the crumbling beauty of Old Havana, as well as its bureaucracy, and its political corruption. The Beggar's Opera is a novel with a very strong political and social conscience. In its finest moments, the novel is much more than a thrilling detective story; it is an eloquent call to arms to eliminate human trafficking in impoverished nations, it is an indictment of the devastating American embargo, and it is a pointed criticism of Canadian vacationers who flock to Cuban resorts with little interest or knowledge of the local culture. It is this topical political and social awareness that raises The Beggar's Opera above the average police procedural. Similar undercurrent runs through the novels of Larsson and Le Carré. Peggy Blair reveals startling ambitions with this novel.
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