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Readers' Choice winner Myrna Dey on The Afternoon Edition

First aired on The Afternoon Edition (06/09/2011)


When writer and essayist Myrna Dey published her first novel Extensions last October, she hoped for the best but didn't expect too much.

"I was just happy it was published," admitted Dey, 69, who lives in Kamsack, Sask.

Never in her wildest dream did she expect her book would end up on the Scotiabank Giller Prize longlist alongside distinguished Canadian literary stars like Michael Ondaatje, Wayne Johnston and Marina Endicott.

In August, Dey was browsing the CBC website when she came upon the Scotiabank Giller Prize Readers' Choice contest run by CBC Books. She noticed that her book was eligible for nomination.

"It was a week into the contest and I thought, maybe I do have a chance," she told CBC Saskatchewan's The Afternoon Edition recently.

Extensions.jpgDey hopes her book's readability made it popular but she says she had a "huge network" get the word out about the online contest, led by her daughters and local supporters in Kamsack. Sure enough, Extensions inched its way up and, by the final days of the contest, had received more nominations than any other book.

Dey compares her experience with the Readers' Choice contest to that of The Sheepdogs, an unsigned Saskatchewan rock band that won an online contest to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

"It feels...inspirational to be among those top writers," she said.

To learn more about Dey's book Extensions, listen to her complete interview with The Afternoon Edition.


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