Precious Cargo

Craig Davidson's memoir is about the year he spent driving a school bus for children with special needs.

Craig Davidson


One morning in 2008, desperate and impoverished while trying unsuccessfully to write, Craig Davidson plucked a flyer out of his mailbox that read, "Bus Drivers Wanted." That was the first step towards an unlikely new career: driving a school bus full of special-needs kids for a year. Davidson shows us how his evolving relationship with the kids on that bus, each of them struggling physically as well as emotionally and socially, slowly but surely changed his life along with the lives of the "precious cargo" in his care. This is the extraordinary story of that year and those relationships. It is also a moving, important and universal story about how we see and treat people with special needs in our society. (From Knopf Canada)

From the book

"So what's this amazing news?" I asked.

The boy cast a glance over his shoulder at his father. His voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper.

"Tell you later."

Ah. So it was to be a bus story. The bus was the confessional, the cone of silence, the chamber of shared confidences. After I got Jake on board, his wheelchair strapped down and his chest buckled in safely, he would tell me. He always did.

From Precious Cargo by Craig Davidson ©2016. Published by Knopf Canada.

Author interviews

Craig Davidson on his memoir about being a bus driver for special needs kids. 13:15