In the summer of 2011, CBC host Shelagh Rogers and five well-known Canadian writers went on an adventure to a place that few Canadians ever get to visit in person: Torngat Mountain National Park in remote Northern Labrador. The authors were Alissa York, Noah Richler, Rabindranath Maharaj, Joseph Boyden and Sarah Leavitt, and their task was to soak up the spirit of the North and channel their surroundings into a piece of writing. The resulting stories are available as an e-book from House of Anansi Press -- which is on sale now -- and a portion of the e-book's profits will go to PGIs for Literacy.

The entire journey was captured on film for the documentary Northwords, airing on the documentary channel on October 25. In the meantime, you can explore this immersive, interactive, behind-the-scenes experience and check back here regularly for one-year-later reflections from Shelagh and the authors, as well as their best Northern travel tips!

The experience was also captured on radio. Be sure not to missThe Next Chapter's award-winning Northwords episode!

alissa york caribou heart crop 180w.jpg

Alissa York shares her memories of the Torngats, from holding a caribou heart to chowing down on 'whiz-mash'.
robin crop.jpg

Rabindranath Maharaj, author of The Amazing Absorbing Boy, reflects on his visit to the Torngats.
sarah leavitt thumbnail.jpg

Author and illustrator Sarah Leavitt writes and draws about the culinary highlights of her Torngats adventure.
Richler crop for headshot.jpg

Noah Richler on the bugs, the bears, and where (not) to swim in the Torngats.
shelagh torngat headshot.jpg

Read Shelagh's thoughtful reflection on her experience in the Torngats in the summer of 2011.
shelagh torngat headshot.jpg

Listen to the award-winning radio documentary of the Northwords experience.