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Who Said It: Harry Potter heroes & villains edition

We have a double-headed instalment of our Who Said It? quiz series. How well do you know the words of your Harry Potter heroes and your Harry Potter villains?

5 inspiring quotes from Ernest Hemingway

When it comes to larger than life literary figures, Ernest Hemingway seems to stand just a little bit taller than most.

10 perfect Alice Munro sentences

If you can read an Alice Munro story without swooning at least once, you may need to check your pulse.

Lisa Moore's Caught to premiere on CBC-TV in 2017

Allan Hawco will coproduce and star in the potential show, which is based on Moore's Giller Prize-nominated novel.

Celebrating Harper Lee's legacy

Legendary American novelist Harper Lee has died at the age of 89.

The Super Bowl reading list: 5 football books to check out

It's Super Bowl 50. Time to read some books, we say. Read More »

5 things you didn't know about guns, from Arms by A.J. Somerset

Somerset investigates how the gun has achieved iconic status in Western culture, from the U.S. Civil War to first-person shooter games.

Important life advice from authors

It's safe to say that writers know a thing or two about the human experience. We all could use a few words of wisdom from time to time. Read More »

10 controversial Canadian books you need to read

These 10 books pushed the envelope when they were released. You should definitely read them - if you haven't already. Read More »

Check out this new Roald Dahl app!

A new game called Twit or Miss, the first-ever app featuring some of Dahl's popular characters, was released this week.