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10 poems that make grown men cry

Celebrities like JJ Abrams and Daniel Radcliffe have contributed to the collection Poems That Make Grown Men Cry. Read More »

How well do you know your Anne of Green Gables?

How well do you know everyone's favourite fictional redhead? Take our quiz to find out! Read More »

Are great athletes born or made?

Sports Illustrated writer David Epstein looks at what science tells us about athletic excellence in his new book, The Sports Gene. Read More »

The toughest Harry Potter quiz you'll ever take

Why don't you try your hand at the toughest Potter quiz we've come up with yet!

Quiz: Harry Potter character or Friedrich Nietzsche?

The latest instalment of the Harry Potter saga comes out this weekend - a script of of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two.

Who Said It Quiz: Alice Munro or Jay Z?

Can you tell the difference between quotations from our new Nobel Prize winner's fiction and the work of hip-hop legend Jay Z?

Amanda Lindhout's memoir on surviving torture

Amanda Lindhout and her mother share a painful phone call from captivity.

Lynn Johnston's life in books

On the eve of the publication of For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston, we speak to the comic artist about the literary inspirations in her life.

Film rights to Lawrence Hill's The Illegal acquired

The acclaimed Canadian author will also pen the screenplay for this project.

Ferguson library named Library of the Year

The municipal library in Ferguson made international headlines after staying open throughout last year's riots.