CanLit Hunger Games - Tribute files

Here you can find out more about the 24 tributes in this year's CanLit Hunger Games. Learn about their origins, skills, strengths and weaknesses! Note: A strike through their name indicates they have been eliminated in action.

James Alford (The Alford Saga)

james-alford-70.jpgFrom: Gaspé, Quebec
Created by: Paul Almond
Occupation: Pioneer

The rundown: A former member of the British navy that flees to Quebec in the 1800s, Alford is a rugged survivalist with some combat training. He's learned to navigate the harsh wilderness after befriending members of a Native tribe.

Xavier Bird (Three Day Road)

xavier-bird-70.jpgFrom: Moose Factory, Ontario
Created by: Joseph Boyden
Occupation: Former World World I sniper

The rundown: Highly developed hunting and shooting skills, Bird is a Cree native with a sensitive soul but deadly abilities. He tragically lost a leg in the war and struggles with morphine addiction.

Mary Boulton (The Outlander)

outlander-70.jpgFrom: Northern Alberta
Created by: Gil Adamson
Occupation: Former housewife

The rundown: This Frontier-era teenage bride murdered her husband and finds herself on the run from his two vengeful brothers. As if braving the cold and wilderness weren't enough, Boulton's greatest challenge may be her own on-again off-again psychosis. She's definitely one of the more unpredictable tributes.

Cordelia (Cat's Eye)

aminata-70.jpgFrom: Toronto, Ontario
Created by: Margaret Atwood
Occupation: High school student

The rundown: Cordelia is the meanest mean girl in Canadian literature. What she lacks in supernatural powers or physical skill, she makes up for in manipulation and ruthlessness. Watch for Cordelia to make strong alliances, then backstab when the time is right.

Flavia de Luce (The Flavia de Luce series)

flavia-headshot-70.jpgFrom: The English countryside
Created by: Alan Bradley
Occupation: Amateur chemist

The rundown: This amateur is cunning, crafty and cool under pressure. She's also a creative problem solver (at least when it comes to taunting her sisters and solving mysteries), and her slight appearance may work in her favour -- others may not perceive her as a threat.

Aminata Diallo (The Book of Negroes)

aminata-70.jpgFrom: Mali
Created by: Lawrence Hill
Occupation: Slave

The rundown: Aminata embodies all the qualities of someone who could survive nearly anything. Independent, intelligent, and iron-willed. She would be a force to be reckoned with in any scenario.

Joyce Doucet (Nikolski)

hacker-70.jpgFrom: Tête-à-la-Baleine, Quebec
Created by: Nicolas Dickner
Occupation: Fish monger/computer hacker

The rundown: Joyce fancies herself a pirate and will do whatever it takes to survive. She was hacking computers and bank accounts before doing so was cool. What she lacks in physical strength, she could make up with innovation and cunning. However, her lack of social skills could prove to be a problem when it comes to forming alliances.

Fitz (Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures)

fitz-70.jpgFrom: Toronto, Ontario
Created by: Vincent Lam
Occupation: Air ambulance doctor

The rundown: His medical expertise would make him an attractive ally and could mean the difference between his own life and death in the arena. But his impulsive and troubled personality could cause him problems.

Armand Gamache
(The Chief Inspector Gamache series)

magnifying-glass-70.jpgFrom: Three Pines, Quebec
Created by: Louise Penny
Occupation: Sûreté du Québec investigator

The rundown: Mild-mannered and compassionate, Gamache has a knack for gaining information from people through empathy and clever investigation. Unflappable under pressure. But will his good nature be an asset or a liability in the games?

Angus McLintlock (The Best Laid Plans)

angus-70.jpgFrom: Ottawa, Ontario
Created by: Terry Fallis
Occupation: Engineering professor

The rundown: The intelligent, but rebellious teacher-turned-political candidate is a free-spirited, honest man. His engineering skills would no doubt make him a force to be reckoned with in the games, though other contenders may find him difficult to align with as he's as quick with the morality lesson as he is with the quip.

Ofglen (The Handmaid's Tale)

offred-70.jpgFrom: Gilead
Created by: Margaret Atwood
Occupation: Handmaid

The rundown: A mentally tough woman living in a totalitarian, patriarchal society, but secretly part of a resistance movement. Fiercely loyal and steadfast, even in the face of danger and harm.

Piscine Molitor "Pi" Patel (Life of Pi)

pi-70.jpgFrom: Puducherry, India
Created by: Yann Martel
Occupation: Student

The rundown: Has demonstrated incredible survival, fishing, and tiger-taming skills. Able to function on little food and fresh water. May have phobia of mysterious islands.

Scott Pilgrim (Scott Pilgrim series)

scott-pilgrim-70.jpgFrom: Toronto, Ontario 
Created by: Brian Lee O'Malley
Occupation: Struggling indie rocker

The rundown: A martial arts fighter and master swordsman with plenty of battle experience due to numerous showdowns with his girlfriend Ramona's seven evil exes. Fights for love and honour, but prone to bouts of emo angst.

Rabbit (The Blue Light Project)

moz-70.jpgFrom: Unspecified North American city
Created by: Timothy Taylor
Occupation: Former operative

The rundown: A rule-breaking authority-defying runner who can rig up extensive electronic art installations might have the right combination of brains and brawn to make it to the end. 

Gordon 'Rank' Rankin (The Antagonist)

rank-70.jpgFrom: Unspecified Canadian town
Created by: Lynn Coady
Occupation: Former hockey enforcer, teacher

The rundown: An intimidating hulk of a man with experience fighting on the ice, bouncing at bars, and working as hired muscle for a drug-dealer. A serious physical threat, though he lacks wilderness survival skills.

Dora Rare (The Birth House)

dora-rare-70.jpgFrom: Scots Bay, Nova Scotia
Created by: Ami McKay
Occupation: Midwife

The rundown: A  tough woman, with a knack for knowing what potion will cure what ails you. Her medicinal skills will be an asset in the wilderness, but her compassion could get the better of her.

Chloe Saunders (Darkest Powers Trilogy)

chloe-saunders-70.jpgFrom: Buffalo, New York
Created by: Kelley Armstrong
Occupation: Necromancer

The rundown: From a young age, Chloe could see dead people, which isn't much of an advantage (and got her locked in a group home for unstable teenagers), but she later develops a remarkable ability to raise the dead. This makes her one of the games most powerful players and a most valuable ally.

Charlie Sisters (The Sisters Brothers)

sisters-70.jpgFrom: West Coast
Created by: Patrick dewitt
Occupation: Assassin

The rundown: An expert marksman with highly developed reflexes. Fondness for overindulging in drink is a potential weakness.

Eli Sisters (The Sisters Brothers)

charlie-sisters-70.jpgFrom: West Coast
Created by: Patrick deWitt
Occupation: Assassin

The rundown: Has a similar skill-set to his brother Charlie. Is sensitive about his weight and struggles with his conscious more than his aggressive brother.

Hagar Shipley (The Stone Angel)

hargar-70.jpgFrom: Manawaka, Manitoba
Created by: Margaret Laurence
Occupation: Retired

The rundown: One of CanLit's toughest and most self-reliant characters. Would do anything to survive, but potential to join alliances could be low due to cantankerous personality. 

Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)

anne-green-gables-70.jpgFrom: Bolingbroke, Nova Scotia
Created by: Lucy Maud Montgomery
Occupation: Student

The rundown: Smart, sociable, and mentally tough. This chatty but lovable orphan is adept at making friends and making the best out of difficult situations.

Katerina 'Kate' Svetlana (Plain Kate)

PlainKate-70.jpgFrom: Samilae
Created by: Erin Bow
Occupation: Wood-carver's daughter

The rundown: A headstrong and stubborn girl with an uncanny ability to whittle wood. She may be able to use her powers of whittling for good (such as shelter and protection) or evil (weapons, anyone). 

 (Brown Girl in the Ring)

aminata-70.jpgFrom: Toronto, Ontario
Created by: Nalo Hopkinson
Occupation: Mother

The rundown: Ti-Jeanne survived a post-apocalyptic urban wasteland, where its remaining residents were left to fend for themselves until the rich need them. Her instinct to survive at any cost and her familiarity with a combative, dangerous landscape should serve her well.

'The Weretiger' (The Tiger)

the-tiger-70.jpgFrom: Siberia
Chronicled by: John Valliant
Occupation: Freelance man-eater

The rundown: Five hundred pounds of territorial, limb-tearing aggression. An excellent tracker with a taste for, uh, Russian food.