Canadian Books For a Better You Series


It's the start of a brand new year and many of us have set fresh goals for ourselves, whether it's getting our finances in order or vowing to take better care of our health. There are piles of new books being published offering all kinds of advice on these matters, so we've decided to read through some and give you our notes. Maybe you'll pick up some useful tips!

Money Matters:

saving-school-100.jpgGail Vaz-Oxlade: How to put your kids through school without going broke

The host of Til Debt Do Us Part Gail Vaz-Oxlade has written several books about handling money and investing. Her latest book Saving For School deals with a subject important to many Canadian parents -- being able to assist their children financially through college and university. With the sharply rising cost of tuition and stagnant family incomes, this is becoming more difficult than ever. Vaz-Oxlade offers a host of common sense advice, including making the most of government education funding programs and why paying 100 per cent of your child's education fees may not be in their best interests anyways. Read more.

Healthy Living:

Joyous-Health-cover-110.jpgJoy McCarthy's Joyous Health: Four easy health hacks

OK. The holidays are over and the buffet tables are but a distant memory. But what remains with many people is the distinct feeling that you've overindulged recently and now it's high time to put your focus on healthy habits. Enter Joy McCarthy. She's a nutrition writer and well-known for being a regular guest on television morning shows in Canada. Her newest book Joyous Health provides strategies to incorporating healthier habits into your life without feeling like you're on some restrictive diet. Read more.

Born to Run:

Kaplan_Book_Cover.JPGBen Kaplan's Feet, Don't Fail Me Now

In his new book on how to run a marathon, running columnist and music writer Ben Kaplan literally tells you how to run like a rock star, with some surprising running tips from the likes of Carrie Underwood, Slash, Willie Nelson, and a notoriously hard-hitting Governor General's Award-winning journalist. And Woody Harrelson. And, yes, Rob Ford.