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2015 CBC Short Story Prize: "Mountain Under Sea" by D.W. Wilson  »

A man struggles to address and soothe his daughter's grief in a foreign landscape.

2014 CBC Poetry Prize: "Tar Swan" by David Martin  »

Myth-making, sleight of hand and harsh reality collide in the Alberta oil sands.

"The Hunter and the Swan" by Patti-Kay Hamilton  »

A hunter observes and reflects upon an unlikely companion on the edge of outstaying her welcome.

CBC Short Story Prize: "Smiley" by Jane Eaton Hamilton  »

A young child living in South Africa struggles with gender issues and first love.

CBC Poetry Prize: "The Trailer" by James Scoles  »

The most unloved things make for the most lovable stories.

The Gods of Scrabble by Mo Srivastava  »

A visit to the swimming pool leads to an unexpected and unforgettable scrabble game.

CBC Short Story Prize: "The Three Times Rule" by Becky Blake  »

A glimpse into the life of a damaged young woman who lives in a world of self-imposed rules designed to avoid further pain and disappointment.

Sadiqa de Meijer, "Great Aunt Unmarried"  »

In this shortlisted story for the CBC Poetry Prize, an elderly relative evokes the foreign and the familiar.