Short Story shortlist

From horses to world peace: What was the first thing you wrote about?  »

The 2014 CBC Short Story Prize finalists on the first thing they ever wrote.

Terminally unhip: CNF reader Kamal Al-Solaylee  »

The author on show tunes, teaching journalism, and being imaginative.

CBC Short Story Prize: And the winner is...  »

Find out who won the 2012-2013 CBC Short Story Prize.

Sweet Dynamite by Jay Tameling  »

Sweet Dynamite brings to life the sweet and sour notes of a bourbon-loving trumpet player and the son he leaves behind.

The Shortlist: Q&A with Jay Tameling  »

The author of "Sweet Dynamite" talks about driving a Zamboni, writing "Dave & Morley" stories, and the magic of Miles Davis.

L'Étranger by Eliza Robertson  »

A potential illness brings about an unexpected moment of intimacy between a young woman and her disaffected roommate in Marseille.

The Shortlist: Q&A with Eliza Robertson  »

The author of L'Étranger tells us about her stay in Toulouse and how the wildlife in BC influences her writing.

Parse by Roderick Moody-Corbett  »

The story of a parting, told in one breathless, neurotic, heartbroken sentence.