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2015 CBC Short Story Prize: "Downriver" by Salina Brydson  »

A woman living in the isolated North claims a bounty for a love gone sour.

2015 CBC Short Story Prize: "Mule Deer" by Kirsten Madsen  »

A random encounter gives an aimless young woman something to talk about.

2015 CBC Short Story Prize: "Skinned" by Sheri Benning  »

A young boy struggles to find meaning in the coded, unspoken messages of his farming family.

2015 CBC Short Story Prize: "Uncle Ray's Tattoos" by Tom McMillan  »

A teenage boy's ex-con uncle shares his secret weapon in a vulnerable moment.

2015 CBC Short Story Prize: "Mountain Under Sea" by D.W. Wilson  »

A man struggles to address and soothe his daughter's grief in a foreign landscape.

From horses to world peace: What was the first thing you wrote about?  »

The 2014 CBC Short Story Prize finalists on the first thing they ever wrote.

Terminally unhip: CNF reader Kamal Al-Solaylee  »

The author on show tunes, teaching journalism, and being imaginative.

CBC Short Story Prize: And the winner is...  »

Find out who won the 2012-2013 CBC Short Story Prize.