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2014 CBC Poetry Prize: "Coyote Medicine/Medicine Coyote" by Alessandra Naccarato  »

The surreal apparition of a coyote pack brings up questions of bloodlines and the traces that remain.

2014 CBC Poetry Prize: "Tar Swan" by David Martin  »

Myth-making, sleight of hand and harsh reality collide in the Alberta oil sands.

2014 CBC Poetry Prize: "Burnt Pot, Riverbank, Indifferent Sky" by Cynthia Woodman Kerkham  »

An elderly aunt stands firm in her home and her life, despite an ailing mind.

2014 CBC Poetry Prize: "Coda" by Basma Kavanagh  »

The world brings itself back from the brink after the disappearance of its most destructive species.

2014 CBC Poetry Prize: "Settler Education" by Laurie D. Graham  »

Relics and remnants of the Canadian West take a complex place in the present in this poem suite.

"Sit How You Want, Dear; No One's Looking" by Robin Richardson  »

Love, sex and death converge in poet Robin Richardson's collection.

CBC Poetry Prize: "The Trailer" by James Scoles  »

The most unloved things make for the most lovable stories.

"On Naming and the Origin of Pity" by Cassidy McFadzean  »

Cassidy McFadzean with a narrative poem about neighbourhood compassion.