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» Seusstivus

We've caught the Seussian fever here at Canada Writes, and as of today we're celebrating two weeks of "Seusstivus" with Canadian children's authors... and one Grinchily addictive Twitter challenge.

We have a winner! The Seusstivus Twitter Challenge  »

We thought Seusstivus was a lot of fun and judging by the entries we got, so did you!

Frieda Wishinsky: Read, and then reread  »

The author of Please, Louise! shares some of the classics she turns to for inspiration.

Seusstivus Holiday Twitter Challenge All-Stars: Part 2  »

Bad presents, a charred Santa, and an abundance of snow.

Seusstivus Holiday Twitter Challenge All-Stars: Part 1  »

Overeating (and overdrinking), falling trees and clumsy pets.

Sara O'Leary: Making it up  »

The author of the beloved "Henry" series on the value of making children's stories "more than true."

Richard Thake: Fun writing is fun reading  »

The author of the Sir Seth Thistlethwaite series shares his top two techniques when writing for kids.

12 Write-a-ma-things!  »

Canadian children's authors come up with a dozen new Seussian words to describe how they write.

Lisa Dalrymple: No two days are ever the same  »

The Skink on the Brink author's musings on rolling with the good and bad.

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