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Jon Chan Simpson: How I wrote Chinkstar

In Jon Chan Simpson's first novel, Chinkstar, Chinese rap gangs spin-kick their way through the underworld of Red Deer, Alberta, as two brothers pursue an intertwined destiny.

Elizabeth Abbott: How I Wrote Dogs & Underdogs

In 1988, writer and historian Elizabeth Abbott fled her home in Haiti after a book she had written got her in serious trouble with the

Eric Siblin: How I Wrote Studio Grace

Eric Siblin has had a guitar in his hand from the age of 13, but the award-winning writer never had career ambitions to make it

Marina Endicott on abandoned workouts, stubborn knots and her most lovable character

Marina Endicott worked as an actor and director in the theatre for many years before embarking on a second career as a fiction writer. Since

John Farrow: How I wrote The Storm Murders

They say, if you're going to write a page-turner, never start with the weather. Turns out John Farrow doesn't respond well to "never." In fact, the

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