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Writing Tips
August 2011- Archives

Feist's writing tip: write for yourself

Her upcoming album, Metals, is already drawing comparisons to Carole King and Leonard Cohen.  Who better, then, than singer-songwriter Leslie Feist to give us some words of writing wisdom? ...

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From Di Brandt:

Rhythm and light  The most important things in poetry are rhythm and light. Read your poems-in-progress aloud to yourself. Pace them out. Breathe them. If there's a snag in the rhythm, the energy flow, then you know you're not there yet. You may need another two or ten or thirty...

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From Lee Maracle:

Subway Stories I am never not making up stories: I watch people on the transit, look at the lines of their faces, see how they sit, check out what they wear, what they are carrying, how they decline to engage others, or how they interact and begin to imagine what...

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Stuart McLean: A question of belief

Best-selling author, award-winning journalist and humorist, and host of CBC Radio program The Vinyl Cafe, on the hardest part of writing. ...

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From David Hayes:

Writing pictures: how to craft a scene Whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction, scenes are the backbone of narrative. They are where you provide action and dialogue to show rather than tell your story. One tip I tell students is to think cinematically. Ask yourself, how would a director handle...

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From Molly Peacock:

Find Just Twenty Minutes!One thing I hear from writers is that they don't have time to write.  But I give an assignment when I teach a "sonnet studio" workshop where I ask the writers to write a fourteen-line poem.  I give them twenty minutes.  Just about everyone finishes.  What if...

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