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Writing Tips

Denise Chong on bringing order to the chaos  »

The renowned author on the great power of creative nonfiction: to make sense of the jumble of life.

David Macfarlane on putting the fun in creative nonfiction  »

The award-winning author on why having fun is the best way to write great nonfiction.

Author Carolyn Abraham: Show, don't tell  »

The GG-nominated author on the number-one way to make your writing more authentic and provocative.

Ayelet Tsabari: Why "ordinary" stories matter  »

The author on if you need to have extraordinary life to write creative nonfiction?

Trevor Herriot on walking away from the computer  »

The author on how the first thing you should do when starting to write is walk out the door.

Author Christopher Gudgeon on the lies created by writers  »

The bestselling author of Song of Kosovo on why he believes there is no distinction between fiction and nonfiction writing.

Cathy Ostlere on finding (and feeling) the strength of your voice  »

The president of the Creative Nonfiction Collective Society on keeping your reader with you until the last page.

Curtis Gillespie on a story's most important bones  »

The writer on the importance of staying the course with your primary narrative.


  • Denise Chong on bringing order to the chaos
  • David Macfarlane on putting the fun in creative nonfiction
  • Author Carolyn Abraham: Show, don't tell
  • Ayelet Tsabari: Why "ordinary" stories matter
  • Trevor Herriot on walking away from the computer
  • Author Christopher Gudgeon on the lies created by writers
  • Cathy Ostlere on finding (and feeling) the strength of your voice
  • Curtis Gillespie on a story's most important bones
  • Shelagh Plunkett on jumping right into the story
  • Taiaiake Alfred on writing with purpose
  • Crime writer Simone St. James: Creating chills in three dimensions
  • Author Howard Shrier: How to raise the stakes in your crime writing
  • Crime writer Lee Lamothe on real-life horrors and breaking the rules of fiction
  • Seán Haldane: In crime writing, it's the little questions that count
  • Crime writer John Brooke: How to build suspense with a bang... or a whisper
  • George R.R. Martin's 'secret weapon' writing tip
  • 5 things you need to know to write better nonfiction
  • Lawrence Hill: 5 ways to become a better writer
  • 100 tips to make you a better writer
  • Seven Tips for Strong Beginnings
  • Seven deadly writing tips
  • Tips for creating lawmakers and lawbreakers
  • Eight poetry writing tips
  • Lynne Bowen: Write what you can learn
  • Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail: Exploring cultural and social content in personal stories
  • David Waltner-Toews: Get the facts and create a good story to explain them!
  • Christin Geall: Using the Retrospective Narrator in Nonfiction
  • Myrna Kostash: Outline!
  • Andreas Schroeder: "Creative" doesn't mean making it up
  • Myrl Coulter: Go for the concrete
  • Ted Barris: If it was a dark and stormy night, show me!
  • Monica Meneghetti: The "you" in memoir
  • David Leach: What does it mean now?
  • Julija Sukys: Get up and go somewhere
  • Frieda Wishinsky: Read, and then reread
  • Sara O'Leary: Making it up
  • Richard Thake: Fun writing is fun reading
  • Lisa Dalrymple: No two days are ever the same
  • Carol-Ann Hoyte: Jump-start your poetry motor
  • Jack Wang: How to be a genius
  • Kyo Maclear: Bend words, bend the world
  • Marty Chan: Unexpected images
  • Lena Coakley: One in a thousand
  • Helaine Becker: My Magic Word Grid
  • It's Seusstivus on Canada Writes!
  • Robert Heidbreder: Water words
  • Susan Juby: Sci-fi and the bolognium theory
  • Nina Munteanu: Write from the inside out
  • Matthew J. Trafford: Say no to the naysayers
  • Matthew J. Trafford: Use the news
  • Craig Davidson: Four months, twenty days
  • Lynda Williams: Writing that flies
  • Alison Sinclair: Start with the brick
  • Arthur Slade: Breaking the fantastical ice
  • Steve Stanton: Writing from the subconscious
  • David Nickle: No such thing as "just lunch"
  • Helen Marshall: Write your kink
  • Edward Willett: Creating a strange new world
  • Matthew Hughes: Don't get it right; get it done
  • Margaret Atwood on how she became a sci-fi writer
  • David Annandale: Respect your subgenre
  • Hayden Trenholm: The writer's toolkit
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Successful Writers
  • Coach's Corner: Ron Smith
  • Coach's Corner: Cara Hedley
  • Coach's Corner: Michael Januska
  • Coach's Corner: Kevin Sylvester
  • Coach's Corner: Priscila Uppal
  • Coach's Corner: Timeri Murari
  • Coach's Corner: Roy MacGregor
  • Coach's Corner: Angie Abdou
  • R.J. Harlick: Marching forward
  • Catherine Astolfo: Creating a credible sleuth
  • Michael Blair: Listening to your internal editor
  • Donna Carrick: Making a villain memorable
  • Linwood Barclay: Hook them first, then reel them in
  • Linda Wiken: The wow factor
  • Robert Rotenberg: Call the police--Part 2
  • Anne Emery: Setting as character
  • Ross Pennie: The dynamic duo
  • Lou Allin: Layering the landscape
  • D.J. McIntosh: How to get published
  • Stephen Legault: The master plan
  • Robin Spano: Excavating your novel
  • C.C. Benison: How to beat writer's block
  • Kay Stewart: Three keys to a believable story
  • Barbara Fradkin: Creating an engaging series character
  • Roy Innes: A deadline and a promise
  • Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan: Call the police!
  • Rick Mofina: When bad things happen to good people...
  • Phyllis Smallman: You say "eavesdropping," I say "writing"
  • Eugene Meese: Making secondary characters memorable
  • Debra Purdy Kong: The big scene
  • Eric Wright: Write it, then Google it
  • Susan Calder: Putting the reader at the scene
  • Dave Hugelschaffer: Ask the experts
  • Stephen Gaspar: Writing in the working day
  • Linda Kupecek: The power of the sidekick
  • Giles Blunt: Write first, research later
  • Joy Fielding: A book in a sound bite
  • Sheila Dalton: Creating a unique voice
  • C.B. Forrest: Memorable secondary characters
  • John Moss: Write where you know
  • Poetry Month writing tip: Jim Johnstone
  • Poetry Month writing tip: Evelyn Lau
  • Poetry Month writing tip: Jeramy Dodds
  • Poetry Month writing tip: Priscila Uppal
  • Poetry Month writing tip: Tanis Rideout
  • Poetry Month writing tip: Roo Borson
  • Poetry Month writing tip: Tim Lilburn
  • Poetry Month writing tip: Erin Knight
  • Food writing wisdom from Christine Cushing
  • Canada Reads Top 10 share their writing tips
  • Adam Gopnik: Writing from the inside out
  • Jonathan Goldstein shows no mercy
  • Daniel Kalla: Time and momentum
  • Madeleine Thien: Strangeness and belonging
  • Andrew Pyper: Writer's block? No such thing
  • Feist's writing tip: write for yourself
  • From Di Brandt:
  • From Lee Maracle:
  • Stuart McLean: A question of belief
  • From David Hayes:
  • From Molly Peacock: