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David Bergenon on what makes a good reader  »

Giller prize-winner David Bergen looks at what makes a good reader and gives a nod to Nabokov.

David Bergen on imitating Updike  »

In today’s blog entry, the author of The Matter with Morris talks about his Rabbit-like tendencies.

David Bergen on plagiarism and leaning on other writers  »

In this entry, the Giller Prize-winner warns of the fine line between admiration and mimickry.

How David Bergen found his first story  »

Giller Prize-winner David Bergen describes the paradigm shift that led to his first published story.

David Bergen: In the beginning  »

The Giller Prize-winning author of The Time in Between shares his unglamorous—and fragrant—beginnings as a writer.

David Bergen: Can writing be taught?  »

In his first blog entry, the Giller Prize-winner muses on the importance of writerly exploration.

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