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Until May 3, we're asking Canadians to share their true personal stories about changes in their neighbourhoods and how those changes are affecting them. It's all part of our new interactive story map, Hyperlocal. See what bloggers, well-known writers, and Canadians across the country have to say about the changing faces of their neighbourhoods. Submit your story and browse the map at cbc.ca/hyperlocal.

Heather O'Neill on Montreal's bygone Red Light District  »

The author remembers the intersection of St. Laurent and Ste. Catherine in Montreal, before its glitzy makeover.

"My Hometown" by Miriam Toews  »

The author reflects on startling changes to Steinbach, Manitoba, the Mennonite prairie village of her childhood.

"Between Here and Gone" by David Bezmozgis  »

In Toronto, David Bezmozgis reflects on the evanescence of the Russian-Jewish neighbourhood of his youth.

"Montrose Apartments" by Esi Edugyan  »

In Victoria, Esi Edugyan revisits a crumbling brick building and her bohemian youth.

Canadian humourist Will Ferguson on his dreamy Calgary neighbourhood  »

The author with the story of a community conjured into existence on the former site of the Currie Army Barracks in Calgary.

"Building Something" by Joseph Boyden  »

The author with a story of new hope in the wild lowlands of James Bay.

"Traffic" by Lisa Moore  »

The author on the recent influx of johns and prostitutes outside her front door in downtown St. John's.

Announcing the winner of Hyperlocal  »

And the winner of our Hyperlocal competition is...


  • Heather O'Neill on Montreal's bygone Red Light District
  • "My Hometown" by Miriam Toews
  • "Between Here and Gone" by David Bezmozgis
  • "Montrose Apartments" by Esi Edugyan
  • Canadian humourist Will Ferguson on his dreamy Calgary neighbourhood
  • "Building Something" by Joseph Boyden
  • "Traffic" by Lisa Moore
  • Announcing the winner of Hyperlocal
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  • Growing a garden
  • Castle Downs wish list
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  • The Red-light District by Heather O'Neill
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  • When people become places
  • The Christmas House
  • Community, creativity and conservation
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  • Claiming Victoria Park
  • Community forum
  • A tale of two towers
  • Under the buffalo sign
  • Spring wheels
  • Apartment buildings are where Toronto's at
  • Painting the hood
  • Meet me at the bell tower?
  • A walk in the park
  • Between Here and Gone by David Bezmozgis
  • In the middle of everything
  • Porter Creek homes: Then and now
  • Milk, grape leaves, and figs
  • Young in spirit
  • A Villeray dynasty
  • Maximum variety
  • The new guys and the secret weapon
  • Learning to love @MarbleHydrants
  • Bulking up
  • Building Something by Joseph Boyden
  • Land of dreams
  • My neighbourhood wish list
  • Integrating Past and Present in Interactive Design
  • Is bigger better?
  • Traffic by Lisa Moore
  • Clem: community truck
  • Hope on Rosemount Avenue
  • A child’s first trip to the convenience store
  • A little tough love
  • Creating community, unplugged
  • Estate sale
  • Uncle Kenny: superhero of the North End
  • Joining in
  • The “jelly bean” buildings and other restoration projects
  • Walking with Purpose by Allison Sparling
  • The Condo-fication of Cathedral by Paul Dechene
  • The Past and Future Side by Side by Kate McDonnell
  • Meet the Neighbours by Jason Lee Norman
  • Oysters and Pickled Eggs
  • Us chickens
  • Riding the "Loser Cruiser"
  • A local landmark remade
  • Lettuce, New Houses, and the Buzz at the Corner Store
  • A night out in Porter Creek
  • New on Main Street
  • Changes on Church Street
  • Losing one hub and gaining another
  • Espresso wakes up sleepy Villeray corner
  • Hip-adjacent in Sunalta
  • Introducing Hyperlocal: an interactive story map
  • The NFB goes Hyperlocal
  • Hyperlocal Q&A with Trevor Pritchard
  • Hyperlocal Q&A with Zoey Duncan
  • Hyperlocal Q&A with Mark Leger
  • Hyperlocal Q&A with Kate McDonnell
  • Hyperlocal Q&A with Andrew Robulack
  • Hyperlocal Q&A with Allison Sparling
  • Hyperlocal Q&A with Jason Lee Norman
  • Hyperlocal Q&A with Andreae Callanan
  • Hyperlocal Q&A with Paul Dechene
  • Hyperlocal Q&A with Willow Yamauchi
  • Hyperlocal Q&A with Shawn Micallef
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  • Hyperlocal: Interactive story map launching April 3

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