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We team up with Air Canada's enRoute magazine for a veritable smorgasbord in the great art of food writing.

Ilana Weitzman: The vegetarian editor  »

The editor-in-chief of enRoute magazine explains why you don't have to eat a food to write about it.

Nobu Adilman takes the Edible Nonfiction Challenge  »

The Food Jammer serves up a celebrity entry, "Getting Squiggly on the Beach."

Food writing: The good, the bad, and the regurgitated  »

According to enRoute's Ilana Weitzman, the best food writing isn't always pretty.

Taras Grescoe takes the Laferrière Questionnaire  »

The author of "Bottomfeeder" answers our very own 20 questions.

Food writing wisdom from Christine Cushing  »

The host of Fearless in the Kitchen on the most important ingredient in good food writing: the writer.

Five tips for better food writing  »

enRoute's editor-in-chief on boosting the calorie count of your next story.

Adam Gopnik: Questions of food  »

An excerpt from The Table Comes First: Family, France, and the Meaning of Food.

Ilana Weitzman: Get them to the Greek  »

enRoute's editor-in-chief Ilana Weitzman recalls her favourite food story in the magazine.

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