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Edible Nonfiction Challenge now closed

Thanks to all who kept our bellies full with the tasty slices of life you sent our way! ...

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Ilana Weitzman: The vegetarian editor

In her final Food for Thought blog, the editor-in-chief of Air Canada's enRoute magazine explains why you don't have to eat a food to write about it....

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Nobu Adilman takes the Edible Nonfiction Challenge

The culinary Renaissance Man and Food Jammer throws his hat - or in this case, octopus - into the ring with his celebrity entry, "Getting Squiggly on the Beach." ...

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Food writing: the good, the bad, and the regurgitated

For the latest course in our Food for Thought series, we have a chat with master class leader and Edible Nonfiction Challenge judge Ilana Weitzman on the highs and lows...

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Taras Grescoe takes the Laferrière Questionnaire

We hook some writing wisdom from the author of the seafood-tastic Bottomfeeder in our very own version of 20 questions, courtesy of Canadian author Dany Laferrière. ...

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Food writing wisdom from Christine Cushing

The award-winning cookbook author and host of Fearless in the Kitchen on the most important ingredient in good food writing: the writer....

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Ilana Weitzman: Five tips for better food writing

In today's blog entry, the editor-in-chief of Air Canada's enRoute magazine offers some wisdom on how to boost the calorie count of your next story....

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Adam Gopnik: Questions of food

In this excerpt from his latest book, The Table Comes First: Family, France, and the Meaning of Food, The New Yorker columnist and 2011 Massey Lecturer Adam Gopnik reflects on...

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Ilana Weitzman: Get them to the Greek

In her second blog entry, the editor of Air Canada's enRoute savours her favourite food story in the magazine -- and the matchmaking between an eccentric restaurateur and a notoriously...

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Adam Leith Gollner takes the Edible Nonfiction Challenge

The author of The Fruit Hunters gets us salivating with his celebrity entry, "Breakfast in Ischia." Never has a still-live crustacean sounded so good. ...

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Ilana Weitzman: Food writing to die for

In her first blog entry for our "Food for Thought" series, the editor-in-chief of Air Canada's enRoute magazine serves up some lethal food writing, courtesy of Carol Shields....

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Amy Rosen takes the Edible Nonfiction Challenge

The National Post food columnist tugs at our heartstrings with her celebrity entry, "The Yellow Fluff that Binds."...

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