Special Series

Gender nonconformist and author Ivan Coyote on "writing from the guts"  »

The co-author of Gender Failure on writerly bribes, childhood gifts and alternate careers.

Terry Fallis on feminism, his favourite sandwich and the writer afterlife  »

The national best-selling author responds to questions from the Canadian literati on his persistent themes, the afterlife and culinary distractions.

Adam Sol: How I wrote Complicity  »

The author of Complicity on where his bad poems end up.

Jon Paul Fiorentino on what makes his heart explode  »

The author answers questions from the Canadian literati on superheroes, his sumo-wrestling brother and what makes his heart explode.

Mariko Tamaki: How I wrote This One Summer  »

From Atwood to the Borg—author Mariko Tamaki fills us in on the diverse influences for her latest graphic novel.

Heather O'Neill on Montreal's bygone Red Light District  »

The author remembers the intersection of St. Laurent and Ste. Catherine in Montreal, before its glitzy makeover.

WATCH: How to create tension  »

Crime writer Angela Misri demonstrates how to turn up the heat in order to create tension in your crime writing.

Author Bill Gaston on accidental fires and questionable musical influences  »

The author of Juliet Was a Surpriseon Ray Stevens, home smoking and refusing to veer.


  • Gender nonconformist and author Ivan Coyote on "writing from the guts"
  • Terry Fallis on feminism, his favourite sandwich and the writer afterlife
  • Adam Sol: How I wrote Complicity
  • Jon Paul Fiorentino on what makes his heart explode
  • Mariko Tamaki: How I wrote This One Summer
  • Heather O'Neill on Montreal's bygone Red Light District
  • WATCH: How to create tension
  • Author Bill Gaston on accidental fires and questionable musical influences
  • Padma Viswanathan: How I Wrote The Ever After of Ashwin Rao
  • How to build a successful mystery series
  • Guy Vanderhaeghe on bad scenery and imaginary people
  • WATCH: How to write killer dialogue
  • Dave Whellams: "I don't mind having my villains do the extreme"
  • Cop and crime writer Sean Slater: "Not every person has a good side"
  • Crime writer Michael J. McCann: "Cops are bureaucrats, too!"
  • Five crime writers reveal their secrets for creating suspense
  • Crime writer Anne Emery on "Trailer Park Boys" and the rare evil genius
  • WATCH: How to create a good villain
  • Crime writer Simone St. James: Creating chills in three dimensions
  • Author Howard Shrier: How to raise the stakes in your crime writing
  • Crime writer Lee Lamothe on real-life horrors and breaking the rules of fiction
  • Seán Haldane: In crime writing, it's the little questions that count
  • Crime writer John Brooke: How to build suspense with a bang... or a whisper
  • WATCH: How to write detective fiction
  • Adorable pets and the crime writers who love them
  • Miriam Toews on the war she didn't know she was winning
  • Alexi Zentner: How I wrote The Lobster Kings
  • Heather O'Neill on cat dialogue, laundry room phobias, and other people's brains
  • Shani Mootoo on chocolate, house chores and cryptic notes
  • Emma Donoghue: How I wrote Frog Music
  • Sean Michaels: How I wrote "Us Conductors"
  • Richard Wagamese on not being "Native enough" and why we need to read more Metis, First Nations and Inuit writers
  • Griffin Prize finalist Sue Goyette on literary prize culture, emojis and rehearsed comebacks
  • Claire Cameron: How I wrote "The Bear"
  • Michael Crummey on salt-and-pepper chips, Sapporo, and the grand scheme of things
  • RBC Taylor Prize finalist J.B. MacKinnon on his authorial spirit animal
  • RBC Taylor Prize winner Thomas King on the humour/tragedy link
  • RBC Taylor Prize finalist Charlotte Gray on the worst interview she's ever done
  • RBC Taylor Prize finalist Graeme Smith on dodging bullets and downing iced capps
  • How NOT to run like Rob Ford: Ben Kaplan's "Feet, Don't Fail Me Now"
  • "A trinity of difference": Writing through disability in Rolling Around In My Head
  • "Defining Moments": An Olympics-inspired story map
  • "My Hometown" by Miriam Toews
  • "Between Here and Gone" by David Bezmozgis
  • "Montrose Apartments" by Esi Edugyan
  • Canadian humourist Will Ferguson on his dreamy Calgary neighbourhood
  • "Building Something" by Joseph Boyden
  • "Traffic" by Lisa Moore
  • Holiday BloodLines: "The Mystery of the Berries" by Eileen Dunne
  • Holiday BloodLines: "A Proper Christmas Tea" by Sarah Alexander-Williams
  • Holiday BloodLines: "The Last Christmas in the Sun" by Rodrigo Couto Beilfuss
  • Holiday BloodLines: "Grandpa and the TV" by Jackie Phillips
  • Holiday BloodLines: "The Christmas Book" by Jaun Harrow
  • Holiday BloodLines: "A Doll with Real Shoes" by Janet Culliton
  • Holiday BloodLines: "The Christmas Tree" by Roxanne Salinas
  • Holiday BloodLines: "Christmas Transfiguration" by Margo MacKinnon
  • Lawrence Hill reveals his favourite family story
  • Top 20 BloodLines stories
  • Andrew Steinmetz reconstructs the life of his mysterious cousin in This Great Escape
  • BloodLines: "Black Blood" by Afua Cooper
  • BloodLines challenge now closed
  • BloodLines: "Dust" by Linda Spalding
  • So much winning: Prizes abound from the Canada Council
  • From riches to rags: Elspeth Cameron on the rise and fall of her eccentric Aunt Winnie
  • BloodLines: "Coming of Age in August" by Elizabeth Abbott
  • BloodLines: "Artery" by Phil Hall
  • BloodLines: "The Mongolian Spot" by Kerri Sakamoto
  • BloodLines: "Shadows" by JJ Lee
  • BloodLines: "Strangers of Smiths Falls" by Rosemary Sullivan
  • BloodLines: "Orchard" by Alexi Zentner
  • Confronting your past: The CBC's Russell Bowers on the mystery surrounding his birth
  • BloodLines: "The Cold/Family of Origin" by Julie Bruck
  • BloodLines: "A Special Occasion" by Drew Hayden Taylor
  • Share a story from your family tree for a chance to win $1,000!
  • BloodLines: New writing about the essence of life
  • Author Deni Béchard comes face to face with the endangered ape who shares 98% of his DNA
  • Exit interview: First-timers share their 3-Day Novel experiences
  • Exit interview: Omar Mouallem
  • Exit interview: Veronique Darwin
  • Exit interview: Marilyn Anne Campbell
  • Exit interview: Sheldon Seigel
  • 3-Day Novel: Writing comes first
  • 3-Day Novel: Bleeding at the typewriter
  • 3-Day Novel: Will write for coffee
  • 3-Day Novel: Don't skip the middle step
  • Surviving the 3 Day Novel Contest
  • What are you doing this weekend?
  • 3-Day Novel Contest: Brendan McLeod on the merits of sleep and coffee
  • The 3-Day Novel: How Kayt Burgess overcame her anxiety
  • Avoid self-indulgence but take naps
  • 13 places where you can become a better writer
  • "X" marks the spot
  • Four-letter words and helpless laughter
  • Announcing the winner of the Strong Beginnings Twitter Challenge
  • Strong Beginnings All-Stars
  • Strong Beginnings Twitter Challenge is closed!
  • The Plan: Winner of the Caption This Comic Challenge
  • In Good Hands: Strong Beginnings with Jessica Westhead
  • Excerpt: And Also Sharks by Jessica Westhead
  • Peter Mansbridge on Peter Mansbridge
  • Starting In Medias Res: Strong Beginnings with Sally Cooper
  • Excerpt: Tell Everything by Sally Cooper
  • Twitter Challenge this Friday
  • Bait the barbed hook: Strong Beginnings with Miranda Hill
  • Excerpt: Sleeping Funny by Miranda Hill
  • Trusting the Writer: Strong Beginnings with Andrew Kaufman
  • Excerpt: Born Weird by Andrew Kaufman
  • The many faces of Peter Mansbridge
  • No Forty Pages of Rocks: Strong Beginnings with Lauren B. Davis
  • Excerpt: The Empty Room by Lauren B. Davis
  • Patrick deWitt: Creating the neurotic cowboy
  • Excerpt: The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt
  • Who should win our "Caption this Comic" challenge?
  • First, the coffee: Strong Beginnings with Matthew Tierney
  • Excerpt: Probably Inevitable by Matthew Tierney
  • Start Building the Raft: Strong Beginnings with Grace O'Connell
  • Excerpt: Magnified World by Grace O'Connell
  • New series: Strong beginnings in literature
  • Which comes first, text or images?
  • A comic collaboration: Sarah Leavitt and Cyril Doisneau
  • Caption This Comic: Daddy Avoids the Slammer
  • Caption This Comic Judge: Peggy Burns from Drawn & Quarterly
  • Announcing the winner of Hyperlocal
  • Hyperlocal: A winner, an NFB interactive, and the Canada Malting Silos
  • Don't get married: An interview with Chester Brown
  • PHOTO GALLERY: Michel Rabagliati's workshop
  • Hyperlocal: Canada's Choice
  • Announcing the winners of the Lawmakers/Lawbreakers Twitter Challenge
  • Lawmakers/Lawbreakers All-Stars Part 4
  • Lawmakers/Lawbreakers All-Stars Part 3
  • Unhanged Arthur: The Raffle Baby by Ilonka Halsband
  • Lawmakers/Lawbreakers All-Stars Part 2
  • Lawmakers/Lawbreakers All-Stars Part 1
  • Unhanged Arthur: Sins Revisited by Coleen Steele
  • Unhanged Arthur: A Cold Black Tide by William Hall
  • Lawmakers/Lawbreakers Twitter challenge is now closed
  • The marrying kind
  • Gail Bowen's Top 8 sleuths and villains
  • Lawmakers/Lawbreakers Twitter Challenge
  • The good, the bad, and our Twitter Challenge
  • Announcing the finalists for Hyperlocal: vote for your favourite!
  • Seven deadly writing tips
  • Tips for creating lawmakers and lawbreakers
  • Studying the skeleton
  • Networking, mentorships, and the psychology of villains
  • What makes characters tick?
  • Don't forget the parties
  • Three-dimensional criminals
  • Sympathy for the devil
  • Virtual coffee clubs
  • Dueling protagonists
  • Crime goes local
  • Montrose Apartments by Esi Edugyan
  • Writing crime in the Tor/SO
  • Killing with conviction
  • Characters in Crime
  • The change and the stuff that should stay the same
  • Poetry in motion
  • Since Cheryl came to town
  • CBC Live Chat: Hyperlocal