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Jon Chan Simpson: How I wrote Chinkstar  »

In Jon Chan Simpson's first novel, Chinese rap gangs spin-kick their way through the underworld of Red Deer, Alberta.

Elizabeth Abbott: How I Wrote Dogs & Underdogs  »

In her own words, Elizabeth Abbott talks about her book's fraught beginning and how her five pets inspire her writing.

Eric Siblin: How I Wrote Studio Grace  »

Writer and musician Eric Siblin on writing a book and recording an album the same year.

Marina Endicott on abandoned workouts, stubborn knots and her most lovable character  »

The author spills the beans on her dog-induced writing day, her literary childhood and the joy of untangling the knot this is fiction.

John Farrow: How I wrote The Storm Murders  »

They say, if you're going to write a page-turner, never start with the weather. Turns out John Farrow doesn't respond well to "never."

Debra Komar: How I wrote The Bastard of Fort Stikine  »

The forensic investigator on how she wrote her latest true historical mystery... and cracked a 170-year-old unsolved murder.

Gail Bowen on the constant process of educating herself  »

The crime writer on the 4,875 pages she has written, and the one reader who broke her heart.

Guy Vanderhaeghe: How I wrote Daddy Lenin and Other Stories  »

In his own words, Guy Vanderhaeghe talks about writing his first short story collection in 23 years.


  • Jon Chan Simpson: How I wrote Chinkstar
  • Elizabeth Abbott: How I Wrote Dogs & Underdogs
  • Eric Siblin: How I Wrote Studio Grace
  • Marina Endicott on abandoned workouts, stubborn knots and her most lovable character
  • John Farrow: How I wrote The Storm Murders
  • Debra Komar: How I wrote The Bastard of Fort Stikine
  • Gail Bowen on the constant process of educating herself
  • Guy Vanderhaeghe: How I wrote Daddy Lenin and Other Stories
  • Susan Glickman: How I Wrote Safe as Houses
  • Linwood Barclay on his new challenge
  • Shakespeare Selfie, grades 10-12 category: Meet the winner
  • Nick Cutter: How I Wrote The Acolyte
  • Dakota McFadzean: How I wrote Don't Get Eaten By Anything
  • Joy Fielding: What if a woman had written The Corrections
  • Robert Hough: How I wrote The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan
  • Russell Smith on his literary hot tub fantasy
  • Lynn Crosbie on literary doppelgangers and the Stepford curse
  • Dave Carpenter: How I co-wrote The Education of Augie Merasty
  • Kenneth Oppel on weird research and amazing readers
  • Andre Alexis: How I wrote Fifteen Dogs
  • D.W. Wilson: How I wrote "Mountain Under Sea"
  • Lori Lansens on canine crushes, tequila and really bad traffic
  • Jane Urquhart on fleeting titles and animating spirits
  • Emily Urquhart: How I wrote Beyond the Pale
  • Jalal Barzanji on the gift of writing what he wants
  • Robert Currie on the time machine that is poetry
  • Erin Moure on the elation (and stomachache) of poetry
  • A.F. Moritz on the "illiterature" of poetry
  • Karen Solie welcomes robot poets to the CanLit community
  • Beth Powning: How I wrote A Measure of Light
  • Lorna Crozier on why she writes with the door closed
  • David McGimpsey on country songs, Oprah and very important intersections
  • Kim Echlin: How I wrote Under the Visible Life
  • Canada Reads contender Kamal Al-Solaylee: How I wrote Intolerable
  • Tomson Highway on Austen envy and dashing leading men
  • Living and blogging with courage: "The Maven of Mayhem"
  • Susan Juby has a really bad back-up plan
  • Canada Reads contender Raziel Reid: How I wrote When Everything Feels like the Movies
  • Canada Reads contender Thomas King: How I wrote The Inconvenient Indian
  • Alix Hawley: How I wrote All True Not a Lie in It
  • Travel and fashion blogger La Carmina takes you to the dark side
  • Andrew Pyper on happy-hour bribery and literary flirtations
  • Canada Reads contender Jocelyne Saucier: How I wrote And the Birds Rained Down
  • Canada Reads contender Kim Thuy: How I wrote Ru
  • Helen Humphreys on dead spiders and undersung poets
  • John Vaillant: How I Wrote The Jaguar's Children
  • Crime writer Rick Mofina on conquering the self-doubt demon
  • Vivek Shraya: How I wrote She of the Mountains
  • Mystery master Alan Bradley on what's behind curtain #3
  • Just a smidgen’s Barbara Bamber: Creating beauty in the everyday
  • Ashley Little: How I Wrote Anatomy of a Girl Gang
  • Jennifer Quist: How I wrote Love Letters of the Angels of Death
  • Blogger "Mama Non Grata" and her family inspiration
  • Michael Harris: How I wrote The End of Absence
  • Crime writer Anthony Bidulka on the perfect stepping-stone: accounting
  • Blogger Michael Ross: "I like Excel more than most people"
  • George Bowering on why "prolific" isn't a compliment
  • Joan Thomas: How I wrote The Opening Sky
  • Blogger Brenda Dwyer, "This is our farm story"
  • Johanna Skibsrud has no faith in bestseller lists
  • Linden MacIntyre on writing and other pathologies
  • Michael Winter on why he writes sex scenes
  • Naomi Klein: How I wrote This Changes Everything
  • Superblogger Kevin J. Naulls on keeping your "true voice" online
  • Jacqueline Baker: How I wrote The Broken Hours
  • Claire Holden Rothman on the inadequacy of the word "writer"
  • From Scotland with love: Blogger Val Howes on Canada's vibrant culinary culture
  • Russell Wangersky: How I wrote Walt
  • M.G. Vassanji on the sentence that changed his life
  • Stories of Belonging to air on CBC's IDEAS
  • Carrie Snyder: How I wrote Girl Runner
  • Book blogger Karen Ma, the CanLit carnivore
  • Why Rudy Wiebe will never write a funny novel
  • Mireille Silcoff: How I wrote Chez l'arabe
  • Art blogger The Jealous Curator on vanquishing creative block
  • Alison Pick on saying yes to writing and no to everything else
  • Emily St. John Mandel has no idea where she's going... and she's okay with that
  • Canada Reads contender Kim Thúy on the zeros she got in creative writing class
  • Michael Crummey: How I wrote Sweetland
  • Frances Itani on hearing voices... and trusting your own
  • George Bowering: How I wrote Mirror on the Floor
  • Pop culture blogger Jen Zoratti, "professional feminist killjoy"
  • Caroline Adderson: How I wrote Ellen in Pieces
  • Raising author Eric McCormack's "Scottish hackles"
  • Camilla Gibb: The toughest thing an editor ever told me
  • Trip to Africa turns industry exec into wildlife photographer and blogger
  • Bringing the modern dad to the blogosphere
  • "We see them at their worst": Gail Bowen on creating strong characters in crime fiction
  • Marissa Stapley: How I wrote Mating for Life
  • Fat Girl Food Squad: Blogging has never tasted so revolutionary
  • Guillaume Morissette: How I wrote New Tab
  • Gender nonconformist and author Ivan Coyote on "writing from the guts"
  • Terry Fallis on feminism, his favourite sandwich and the writer afterlife
  • Adam Sol: How I wrote Complicity
  • Jon Paul Fiorentino on what makes his heart explode
  • Mariko Tamaki: How I wrote This One Summer
  • Blogger Frank Verpaelst: Just call him "Northern reclusive snarky dwarf"
  • "Redneck Mommy" on how blogging saved her life and her sense of humour
  • Heather O'Neill on Montreal's bygone Red Light District
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  • Guy Vanderhaeghe on bad scenery and imaginary people
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  • Adorable pets and the crime writers who love them
  • Miriam Toews on the war she didn't know she was winning
  • From lobster rolls to the midnight sun: Creating the Canadian travel blog "Toque and Canoe"
  • Alexi Zentner: How I wrote The Lobster Kings
  • Heather O'Neill on cat dialogue, laundry room phobias, and other people's brains
  • Shani Mootoo on chocolate, house chores and cryptic notes
  • Emma Donoghue: How I wrote Frog Music
  • Sean Michaels: How I wrote Us Conductors
  • Richard Wagamese on not being "Native enough" and why we need to read more Metis, First Nations and Inuit writers
  • Griffin Prize finalist Sue Goyette on literary prize culture, emojis and rehearsed comebacks
  • Travel bloggers Ginger and Nutmeg add spice to their worldwide adventures
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  • Blog "The Book Dumpling" matches readers to books
  • Blog because you want to: Carrie Snyder
  • Quebec's two solitudes come together, twentysomething-style, in "Les Incorrigibles"
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  • "Building Something" by Joseph Boyden
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