Literary Prizes


Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

When does each competition open? Show answer

Why is the time deadline set for 11:59 p.m. EST? Show answer

How many entries do you receive each year? Show answer

Is there a minimum age requirement? Show answer

Where can I read previous winning works?Show answer

When will the winners be announced? Show answer

What constitutes something being "previously published"? Show answer

Do you retain the rights to my submission? Show answer


Submitting to the Prizes

May I submit more than one entry? Show answer

How should I count the words? Show answer

Do you disqualify texts after a certain number of spelling mistakes? Show answer

Are there any limits on what we can write about? Show answer

I attached the wrong text. Can I send another or make changes? Show answer

I put my name on my entry. What should I do? Show answer

I was a finalist last year. Am I permitted to submit the same text this year? Show answer

What is Creative Nonfiction? Show answer

Can we illustrate our submissions? Show answer

Can we submit our texts elsewhere (simultaneous submissions)? Show answer

How should I pay my entry fee? Show answer

Why do you charge a $25 entry fee? Show answer

Do I have to pay the $25 entry fee for each entry submitted? Show answer

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