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Your stories of belonging  »

Share your personal story of belonging for a chance to win one of two $1,000 prizes from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Charity, tin cowboys and bathtub fires: The Fringe shows of dreams  »

More of our favourite entries from our latest challenge.

Fringe For All: Bill Nye, Alex Trebek and Chaka Khan  »

Read some of our favourite entries from our latest challenge.

Shakespeare Selfie youth judge Eric Walters: "Willy Shakespeare would be proud"  »

We're announcing the winner of the youth category of the Shakespeare Selfie Challenge tomorrow. But we wanted to share with you just how impressed our judge, bestselling young-adult author Eric Walters, is with the writing.

Announcing the Shakespeare Selfie shortlist: Adult category  »

Find out who made the shortlist for the Shakespeare Selfie challenge and read the top 20 entries.

Announcing the Shakespeare Selfie shortlist: Youth category  »

We're pleased to announce the 20 shortlisted entries for the 12-18 age category of the Shakespeare Selfie Challenge.

"Romeo and Julien" by Maya Smith  »

"The world has never been an open place; I understand that. But the world has always been focused on love. When will we get our chance?"

Shakespeare Selfie: A Vancouver garden cures Ophelia's winter blues  »

Ophelia's been suffering from a serious case of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Turns out she just needs a little garden therapy to lift her spirits.


  • Your stories of belonging
  • Charity, tin cowboys and bathtub fires: The Fringe shows of dreams
  • Fringe For All: Bill Nye, Alex Trebek and Chaka Khan
  • Shakespeare Selfie youth judge Eric Walters: "Willy Shakespeare would be proud"
  • Announcing the Shakespeare Selfie shortlist: Adult category
  • Announcing the Shakespeare Selfie shortlist: Youth category
  • "Romeo and Julien" by Maya Smith
  • Shakespeare Selfie: A Vancouver garden cures Ophelia's winter blues
  • Shakespeare Selfie: Titania hosts a cooking show
  • Shakespeare Selfie: Ophelia's done with online dating
  • "The Shopping Channel: Presenting Friar Laurence and his Elixir" by Lexia Bao
  • Shakespeare Selfie: Mercutio's in the principal's office
  • Shakespeare Selfie: Will Desdemona survive technology withdrawal?
  • Shakespeare Selfie: Romeo tries to play it cool
  • Shakespeare Selfie: Lady M takes a trip to Costco
  • Shakespeare Selfie: The Macbeths go to couples' therapy
  • Shakespeare Selfie: Falstaff goes to Weight Watchers
  • Shakespeare Selfie: Juliet takes a selfie
  • Shakespeare Selfie: Brutus at the Drive-thru
  • Shakespeare Selfie: Mercutio cruises the beach
  • "What Foreign Game of War?" by Madelaine Alaric
  • Shakespeare Selfie: Macbeth ponders Facebook, Twitter, Imgur
  • Shakespeare Selfie: Lady Macbeth is one-upped at the party
  • Comedian Debra DiGiovanni chooses the best "Worst Valentine's Date Ever"
  • Merry Twistmas: We have a winner!
  • Merry Twistmas All-Stars Part 3: Giddy senators, Griswolds and gift guilt
  • Merry Twistmas All-Stars Part 2: Acid Frosty and Naked Miley
  • Merry Twistmas All-Stars: Part 1
  • Surf's up: Gillian Cornwall on winning Twisting Titles
  • Nick Mount picks winner of Twisting Titles Twitter Challenge
  • Top Tweets in our Twisting Titles Twitter Challenge
  • Twisting Titles Twitter Challenge is now closed
  • Twisting Titles Twitter Challenge
  • Words and Comfrey by Mary Barnes
  • The Illusion of Warmth by Kerri McCourt
  • Stirring, Shaking, Sliding by Craig Temple
  • Henry's Garden by Nancy de Guerre
  • An Unravelling Seamstress by Sharon Gerger
  • Child Gunner by Patti-Kay Hamilton
  • All those numbers by @ReadyOwl
  • Not Delivered by David Burga
  • Shoes & Yogen Früz by Stephanie Hall
  • What people do by Stephanie McGrath
  • The Rhinoceros by Matt McTaggart
  • Overheard in the Elevator
  • "Stuck" by Star Spider
  • True or false: Seeing the most popular girl in Gr. 7 or being kicked in the "nuts"? by Dawn Reddick
  • True or false: An animate painting or a mother takes a week off? by Tina Wayland
  • True or false: Shy or never shy? by Raymond Maher
  • True or false: Girl bird rescuer or lady roofer? by Chris Galvin Nguyen
  • True or false: Parrotfish or baby elephant? by Leslie Beckmann
  • True or false: Fighter or prankster? by Rhonda Bulmer
  • We have a winner: The Tweet Your Own Horn Challenge
  • Tweet Your Own Horn Challenge: Meet the winner
  • "Tweet Your Own Horn" All-Stars Part 2
  • The Last Time I Saw Him By Deborah Whelan
  • Yolanda by Christopher Levan
  • Cashing In by Richard Borek
  • T-shirt by Taylor Wilson
  • She Whispered by Lyle Burwell
  • Leaving on a Jet Plane by Shell Ledrew
  • Background Noise by Judith Ouellette-Bezaire
  • Layla by Ann Sarich
  • The Jimi Hendrix experience by Bruce LeFevre
  • Helpless by Debra McGrath
  • Mad Rush by Cristina Rizzuto
  • Yodeling by Lana Willocks
  • That Friday by Stephen Barredo
  • Engelbert by Elaine McDivitt
  • Being Big by Stephanie Hall
  • Morrissey by David Burga
  • Congregations by Carla Gadula
  • Cat's in the Cradle by Elizabeth Booth
  • The Reason by Carmen Vickery
  • Bach's Concerto No. 5 by David Waltner-Toews
  • The Weakerthans by Greg Pratt
  • The Age of Aquarius by Irene Fantopoulos
  • Three Songs by Susan Borgersen
  • Freedom and Bruce Springsteen by Terri Favro
  • Bonanza! by Johanna Zomers
  • By Steven Toth
  • By John Hansen
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady by Pat Mills
  • The Bullet and the Shrapnel by Andreas Dolberg
  • Snowbird by Henry Adam Svec
  • By Maggie Panko
  • Lost and found by Dawn Ruddick
  • By Michael Barton
  • How Bach Saved My Soul by David Waltner-Toews
  • Time, The Magical Musical Box by Thomas Bauer
  • By Lita Bablitz
  • Life is a Song, Love is the Music by Pamela Dillon
  • This Flight Tonight by Star Spider
  • Kitchen Serenade by Lawrence Larouche
  • by Raymond Maher
  • Jonathan Goldstein: It's good to be a Grinch
  • Next Twitter Challenge on Tuesday December 18th
  • Jacob Speaks by Marcy White
  • Science as Language by David Gosse
  • Racing Point of Light by Rob Colter
  • Monochrome by Wayne MacPhail
  • Something Happened by Gwenellen Tarbet
  • The Science of Recess by Janet Trull
  • The Crystal Set by Edythe Anstey Hanen
  • Fallout by Patricia Hamilton
  • The Year of the Bulb by Sylvia Holt
  • Seeing the World by Yvette Menard
  • I No Longer Remember by Linda Hossie
  • Total Eclipse of My Heart by Laurie Burns
  • The Red Devil by Julie Achtermeier
  • Premature by Johanna Van Zanten
  • The New Age by Lyle Burwell
  • Firsts by Kelly Marcon
  • Close Encounters by Caroline Woodward
  • The MRI by Shannon Falconer
  • My First Experiment by Odie Geiger
  • The Latent Heat of Fusion of Ice by Mo Srivastava
  • My Moment of Rebellion by Myrna Rootham
  • Origin of the Species by Sherwood Hines
  • Better Living Through Chemistry by Tom Reynolds
  • Shaken and Stirred by Leah Seltzer
  • I.V. Liquid Plumber by Robert MacKenzie
  • Weather Relations by Erin MacNair
  • My First Radio by Elvidio Mejia
  • The Big Disconnect by Louise Fabiani
  • Nuclear Family by Terri Favro
  • Salmon Run by Elizabeth Ledwosinska
  • The Griz and Me by Mark Polet
  • By Jesse Dressler
  • A Mad Scientist in the Making! by Raymond Maher
  • Wondrous Magnets by Amber Stechyshyn
  • By Anne Spencer
  • Car Wash Kitty by Edward Yatscoff
  • Phase One by Renate Pohl
  • Pumpkin banana cream mousse tart by Sylvia Shawcross
  • The 1977 Discovery of Gravity in the Tim Hortons Parking Lot by Mark Paterson
  • Fired by Maggie Panko
  • By Liam McKenna
  • Mrs. McGregor-Smith Was Right After All by Rachel Williams-Oakes
  • Reggie and Me by Michael Back
  • Paddling With the Jellies by Jane Langille
  • The Rules of My Nature by Christine Montgomery
  • Finding my Way by Genevieve Ross
  • Bedside Vision by Jennifer Barr
  • Life Lesson by Angela Mombourquette
  • Literary Triathlon: And the gold medal goes to...
  • By Deborah Whelan
  • By Ali Bryan
  • By Paddy Scott
  • By Tammy Isfeld-Petrone
  • By Graeme Stewart
  • By Trish Barnes
  • By Travis McLean
  • By Donna Fawcett
  • By Jeff George
  • By Martin Wallace
  • Home Smoked by Mela Sarkar
  • A Wolf in the Head by Gloria Varley
  • One for Murder by Deborah Whelan
  • The Death Position by Elaine Bander

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