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Writing challenge

"Stuck" by Star Spider

Star Spider takes Lawrence Hill's second writing challenge and shows us what can happen when two people who don't like each other are stuck in an elevator together. 

What would happen in your story?

Put two people in an elevator. It is stuck on the 31st floor of an office tower. It has been stuck for 20 minutes and there is no sign of help yet. Begin the scene with a conversation at Minute 21 in the elevator. A page will do. These two people do not like each other.

“I hate it when people use the word sinister, I’ve never met a single sinister person in my goddamn life.  In fact, I’m pretty sure it was only invented for villains in stories.”

“My wife is sinister.  Sometimes I wake up to find her looking at me in the night.  Her eyes shine like the cat’s, with that horrible glow.  She says she doesn’t remember in the morning, but I reckon one day I’ll wake up dead.”

“You can’t wake up if you’re dead.”

“It’s a figure of speech.”

“I know that.”

“So why did you say it then?  You know what I hate is when people say things they don’t really mean, they just say it because it’s something to say.”

“You must be speaking hypothetically.”

“I must be.”

“How do you think she would do it then...your wife?”

“Well she has a penchant for drama, so I suppose something elaborate.”

“You must have some good life insurance then?”
“I do.”

“Well that’s dumb.”

“Pardon me?”

“You heard me, I said it was dumb, dumb as hell.  You have suspicions your wife is going to off you and you have a million dollar bounty on your head?”

“It’s not a million dollars.”

“Well what is it then?”

“That is hardly an appropriate tidbit to share.”

“God knows how much longer we have in this stupid prison here, so why don’t you just tell me?”  


“Two dollars?  Two hundred?  Two thousand?  What?”

“Two million.”

“HA!  Like I said, dumb.”

“Well I want her to live well if I were to...”

“Plummet to your death in this steel box?”

“It’s perfectly safe here, there are backups...and backups for the backups I’m sure.  Why do you have to be so damn dramatic all the time?”

“Dramatic?!  You know what’s dramatic, being stuck in here with a person with a murderous, money hungry wife!”

“It is dramatic isn’t it?”


“Dramatic and elaborate?”



“I think I hate you.”


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