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The Art of Creating Comics

Which comes first, text or images?

To make a comic, be it a short strip or a graphic novel, you have to do two things: write and draw. 

For those of us who came close to failing art class in elementary school (like a certain unnamed Canada Writes editor whose teacher was particularly unimpressed with her “abstract” portrait), this seems an impossible task. 

Writing well is hard enough, just who are these gifted people who can also draw??? 

We’ve been talking to some of these talented folks here on Canada Writes over the last couple of weeks and we thought we would try and demystify the process a little further by asking these creators which comes first: text or illustration; art or story? Just how does this making comics thing work?

Hover over the question marks on the images below to see their answers. You may be surprised by some of them. 

Images courtesy of TCAF, individual artists, and Drawn & Quarterly.

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