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Characters in Crime

Lawmakers/Lawbreakers Twitter Challenge

And we’re off…

You have until 9 p.m. ET (or 6 p.m. PT) to Tweet your character descriptions of credible sleuths and/or memorable villains. You must do it all by using #canadawrites.

The success of crime fiction often hinge upon the creation of a remarkable sleuth or reprehensible villain. These complex characters are the heart of the story. They hook us from the beginning and make sure we keep coming back, page after page.

Here are some examples of what we are looking for:


Shaw fell asleep scotch in hand.  The nightmares had gotten worse, though he’d never admit it to the police psychologist. #canadawrites

After 10 years in juvy, social worker Jane Martin had seen it all. But 16-year old Paco Ramirez was about to change that. #canadawrites


It wasn’t about the money, though the money was good. He just wanted to see the look on her face when he pulled the trigger. #canadawrites

Francine could feel sweat running down her cheek.  She was almost there, the timer heavy in her hand. A deep breath. Revenge.  #canadawrites

We’ve partnered with Crime Writers of Canada for this challenge and CWC members Cathy AcePeggy BlairSean ChercoverElizabeth DuncanOwen Laukkanen and Chevy Stevens will be reading your Tweets all day long and compiling the shortlist. We’ll also be randomly giving out copies of their books to participants all day long.

Mystery writer Gail Bowen will chose the winners. There will be two for today’s challenge—one for the most compelling sleuth, one for the most unforgettable villain. The prize for each is a 32G iPod Touch.

For the complete rules and regulations of this contest, click here

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