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The Art of Creating Comics

The Art of Creating Comics: Caption This Comic Challenge

THE CHALLENGE IS NOW CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who participated. We'll be revealing the finalists during the week of June 10!

Over the next three weeks Canada Writes will be looking at the art of creating comics. 
We'll be talking to some of Canada's best known cartoonists and graphic novelists on the different techniques, challenges, and advantages of working with both text and drawings.

And we're giving you a chance to get into the game with our Caption This Comic Challenge

We've teamed up with writer and illustrator Sarah Leavitt to bring you a different kind of writing challenge. 

Sarah has created a narrative using illustrations only, and it is up to you to create the accompanying text. 

image-comic.jpgNeed inspiration? Check out some examples: 
Daddy Avoids the Slammer »
Mike Duffy Takes a Bath »
Carl the Illegal Gardener »

Tell us the story you see in these pictures by writing the caption for each image. Each caption must be 25 words or fewer. Your captions, together with the images, should tell one complete story. 

You have until noon (ET) on June 7th, 2013 to send us your captions. A shortlist of five finalists will be decided on by our judge and the winner will be chosen by a public vote. 

The five finalists will all receive a book and the winner will receive a framed copy of a hand-lettered, signed print of the illustration with their text.  


Sarah Leavitt is a Vancouver writer and cartoonist. Her first book, Tangles: A Story About Alzheimer’s, My Mother, and Me, a graphic memoir, has been published in Canada, the US, UK, and Germany. Tangles has also been optioned for film and for an interactive website. 

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