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Hyperlocal Q&A with Lisa Moore

Author Lisa Moore gives us a glimpse into her neighbourhood. She is one of the judges of the Hyperlocal competition, which ends on May 3rd, 2013. 

Put your story on the map for a chance to win an interactive adaptation of your story by the National Film Board of Canada's Digital Studio and a Macbook Pro : cbc.ca/hyperlocal.

Tell us about your neighbourhood.  
I live in downtown St.John's, Newfoundland. I love that with a fifteen minute walk from downtown you can be standing at the edge of a wild and age-ravaged cliff looking out over the North Atlantic. I love that there's a huge artistic community here—writers, visual artists, musicians, film makers, and actors. Everybody collaborates, eventually, with everyone else. 

What are some of your favourite neighbourhood destinations? 
I love the Ship Pub, especially on Folk Night. And I love Provincial Art Gallery at The Rooms and all the other galleries in the city. Afterwords Bookstore and Model Citizen are some of my favourite places to browse. I love letting my dog gallop through the woods on the White Hills and I love it when he goes still and raises a paw and puts his nose out and a robin bursts up through the branches. 

How is your neighbourhood changing? 
There seems to be a rise in the drug addiction and the criminal activity that goes along with it.  

What will you be looking for in the winning entry? 
I will be looking for powerful language, transparently clear, vivid, inventive and full of energy. I would like to see stories that are unexpected and surprising. Stories that make the unique character of a neighbourhood leap off the page.  

Read Lisa's story "Traffic" on Hyperlocal. 

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