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Hyperlocal Q&A with judge Ian Hanomansing

CBC's Ian Hanomansing tells us about his neighbourhood. He is one of the judges of the Hyperlocal competition, which ends on May 3rd, 2013. 

Put your story on the map for a chance to win an interactive adaptation of your story by the National Film Board of Canada's Digital Studio and a Macbook Pro : cbc.ca/hyperlocal.
Tell us about your neighbourhood.  
Even though Vancouver is the third biggest city in Canada, just a few blocks south of the downtown core there are neighbourhoods filled with condos, apartment buildings and houses. I am fortunate enough to have lived in that area for the last twenty years. A short distance from downtown and yet surprisingly quiet and filled with families, joggers, and cyclists. 
There are two elementary schools within eight blocks and a high school about a fifteen minute walk away. It's like a small town in the middle of a big city. The best of both worlds.

What are some of your favourite neighbourhood destinations? 
I grew up in a very small town and hardly ever walked. Maybe I was too lazy but I think part of it was that there wasn't much interesting to see. In about any direction from my house in Vancouver is an interesting walk....shops, parks, homes. If it just didn't rain so much.....!

How is your neighbourhood changing? 
Property values have soared at a speed that even experts can't explain. Between 2000 and 2006, they doubled and increased by another 50% in the four years after that. The prices are so high, it means when a house sells, the buyer almost certainly expects to tear down the home and build something much bigger to match the lot price.

What will you be looking for in the winning entry?
Whether it's this competition or hearing someone talk about their weekend or browsing through the newspaper, there's nothing like a great story. It's just like we were taught in school: a compelling beginning, middle and end. 

I'll be reading a lot of entries late at night so I am looking for something that captures my interest and attention.

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