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Hyperlocal Q&A with Jason Lee Norman

Jason Lee Norman is one of 12 bloggers who'll be telling his neighbourhood's stories on Hyperlocal - Canada Writes' interactive story map, launching April 3rd. Jason lives in Castledowns, Edmonton.

Tell us about yourself. 
I’m another writer with a beard and I live in north Edmonton. Lately I've been lucky enough to be able to work on my writing projects from home. I moved in with my girlfriend to her house in Castledowns over a year ago. 

Tell us about your neighborhood.
The neighborhood we’re in is not used to seeing ‘For Sale’ signs on the front lawn. People all around us have lived here for over twenty years and raised their families here. It’s very suburban and mostly quiet. I love the diversity here. We have Italian, Portuguese, and Lebanese neighbours. Everyone is very friendly. 

image-map-edm.jpgWhat are some of your favourite neighborhood destinations?
The Castledowns YMCA is very close and we like to go there to work out or play racquetball. In the winter they also have a large outdoor skating rink. There are a couple options for tennis courts nearby and we love playing tennis in the summer. These can get very busy and on any given night you can hear profanities being uttered in several different languages.

How is your neighborhood changing? 
It sounds weird to say this but I think that I am one of the ways that our neighborhood is changing. My girlfriend and I have moved into a neighborhood made up mostly of older couples whose children have moved out and established their own families. 

Our moving in was a big change and basically everything we dofrom shoveling the walks to mowing the lawnwe do a little differently than what people around here are used to. When we look out our window we see things changing at a glacial pace but when people look at our house they might be seeing what more of the neighborhood is going to look like in the next five to ten years.

Jason Lee Norman is another writer with a beard. His first book of short fiction Americas was published in April, 2012. His new eBook of short stories 'Beautiful Girls & Famous Men is available now. He is also the editor of the new Edmonton winter writing anthology 40 Below. He lives, eats, and writes in North Edmonton. 

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