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Hyperlocal: Interactive story map launching April 3

Change is all around us. Though we live it differently, it is a common experience we all share. Hyperlocal strikes at the very heart of this premise. Rooted in place, this new series will bring together true personal stories of changing neighbourhoods from across the country.

Over five weeks in April and May, we will be looking for you to share what's new and changing in your neighbourhood—and what that change means to you. We will be collecting your stories and publishing them online on a new site dedicated to Hyperlocal.  

More details about initiative will be revealed when we launch on April 3. For now, let’s get started by introducing you some of the cast of characters. 

We’ve enlisted the help of twelve bloggers from across Canada to share their own personal reflections on the changes they see in their neighbourhoods. We'll be checking in with them on a weekly basis, and you may also hear them on local CBC Radio shows talking about the changing faces of Canada’s many neighbourhoods. 

The bloggers are: Zoey Duncan (Sunalta, Calgary), Jason Lee Norman (Castle Downs, Edmonton), Willow Yamauchi (Mount Pleasant, Vancouver), Colleen Simard (North End, Winnipeg), Mark Leger (Saint John), Allison Sparling (Halifax), Andreae Callanan (St. John's, NL), Shawn Micallef (Church St., Toronto), Trevor Pritchard (Hintonburg, Ottawa), Kate McDonnell (Villeray, Montreal), Paul Dechene (Regina), Andrew Robulack (Whitehorse).

For the next two weeks we will be getting to know this group. They have all been writing about their own cities for sometime now, and to start we thought we’d ask them to introduce us to their neighbourhoods.

And be sure to check back on April 3 when we launch Hyperlocal (and our special, exciting collaboration with the National Film Board).

So get ready to put your story (and neighbourhood) on the map. 

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