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Short Story Prize: Public vote

CBC Short Story Prize: Announcing YOUR favourite

You still need to wait until Tuesday morning to find out who won this year’s CBC Short Story Prize. But today we’re revealing the one work that you—the public—would most like to see win.

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Last week we published the five works on the shortlist for this year’s CBC Short Story Prize and asked you to vote for your favourite. Although the outcome of this vote will have no influence on who wins the competition (the jury has already met), the winner will get bragging rights and the satisfaction of knowing that his/her submission was voted as the favourite among Canadians.

And winner of the public vote is…

Roderick Moody-Corbett for “Parse”. The story received 39% of the popular vote. Congratulations Roderick!

Here are some quotes about his story that we received from our online readers:

“The style brilliantly evokes the character. The manic spew of thoughts takes me right inside that head and I'm seeing the tear-filled goodbye, the broken suitcase, the raisin-eyed, ridiculous Pomeranian, the taxi driver and in that one sentence I know the yearning, the hopelessness and right on the heels of that, the unstoppable hope.” — Hillary Downing

“Parse forces the reader into sharing a breathless subjectivity that he or she carries away long after the reading experience has ended. It is a sad story but in no way maudlin; the narrator's hope somehow ratchets up the pathos. A perfect meshing of form and content.” — Sarah Neville

“Amazingly creative and, no doubt challenging, way to present a story. The single sentence lends itself well to the protagonists thought process—the chaotic, unsteady, stream of thoughts that comes with a breakup.” — Jeremy Smith

Congratulations again Roderick!

The other four shortlisted works had some equally passionate fans. Here's a sampling of comments we received.

“Something about this story haunts me. The author suspends me along as I learn the terrible truth about this regretful old man. I feel for him even as I want to hate him. He does not offer me a redemptive way out and when the story ends I am left alone, just as he is, with my thoughts.” — Anne Stebbins

“It beautifully captures the tension of the awkward roommate situation; being alone in a foreign country, unable to connect with an other despite living together, until a strange moment with the antagonist breaking through the veneer, briefly. It's a beautiful story.” — Heike Lettrari

“It is rich on emotion, human fragility, suspenseful as you have no idea where it is going. Raw and real I. So few words. The language and writing was intense, full of depth and so entertaining. Basically amazing bang.” — Linda Copage

“Concise, hard-edged and brutally beautiful, this story brought me into another life and made me taste it.” — Erin Candela

Congratulations to all our finalists! We wish them all luck next week. 

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We'd like to thank all of you for taking the time to read the shortlisted works and voting for your favourite. As a special thank you, we entered all of your names in a draw for this sleek and handy Canada Writes journal. Congratulations Alex Russell! You've got one coming to you in the mail.

Be sure to check back Tuesday, March 26 to find our which of these five works has won the Grand Prize.

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