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TYOH Q&A: Lindsey Reeder

Random House Online Marketing Coordinator Lindsey Reeder talks about why she loves her job, why Twitter is a great platform, and how the meaning of "book tour" has changed in the age of social media. 
Tell us about yourself. (What do you do and where do you live?)
My name is Lindsey Reeder and I live in Toronto. I’m an Online Marketing Coordinator for Random House of Canada. This means that I get to spend my days talking about books online and I absolutely love it! 

How important is it that an author has a presence on social media?
In today’s day and age, I think it’s always great if an author has a presence on social media! It’s a great opportunity for an author to connect with their readers.

How much work do you expect an author to do to promote him or herself?
I wouldn’t say it is expected, but the more they can do the better. Facebook and Twitter are platforms that give an author the ability to engage with their fans directly, so if an author is interested in creating a presence online; it’s always a good thing! 

Don’t most writers tend to be introverts? And doesn’t this make it difficult for them to market themselves?
Authors have the ability to choose their level of exposure online. There are many authors that choose to have a voice using social media and there are some that are much more comfortable being observers. 

What do you do when you have a writer who has no presence on social media or the web?
We are always talking about books on our social media platforms. That can certainly be enhanced with the author’s involvement but it isn’t crucial for social media discussion of their books to take place. Even though social media feels like it’s been around for such a long time, that isn’t the case. Many authors are just now being exposed to creating an online presence and they understand that the level of engagement helps to create added exposure to their books. 

What is your favourite social media tool for promotion and why?
Twitter—characters is just enough space to put a plug about why I loved a book and include the author’s handle. It’s a great platform that not only allows me to talk with an author about their writing, but it gives me an opportunity to talk to fellow readers about all things books! 

How important is it for an author to do a book tour these days? 
The term book tour has changed with the growth of social media, because book tours can now take the form of blog tours and Twitter or Facebook chats. Book tours remain a great opportunity for authors to engage with their readers, whether in person or online.

Is there any such thing as too much publicity or bad publicity for a writer? (Think the Lindsay Lohan of the literary world…)
Generally we find that when people are interested enough to be talking about a book or author, that it is a good thing.

What do you like best about your job? 
The joy of working in Online Marketing is that I get to spend my days talking to readers about what they’re reading and why. It’s a joy getting to be a part of the early stages of a book’s production to the finished stages of getting to hear people’s reactions to a book. 

Lindsey Reeder is one of the readers for our upcoming Twitter challenge! You can follow her on Twitter @reederreads and @RandomHouseCa.

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