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Food for thought

Food for February

If you're hibernating from the cold this February, we thought you might like to keep yourselves warm by reading stories from our past "Food for Thought" series.

A collaboration between Canada Writes and enRoute magazine (our partner for the CBC Literary Prizes), "Food for Thought" looked at the art of food writing. It was written by enRoute’s editor-in-chief Ilana Weitzman. 

So dive in and discover some of the tricks of the trade. 

Ilana Weitzman serves up some lethal food writing, courtesy of Carol Shields.

Ilana Weitzman savours her favourite food story in the magazine—and the matchmaking between an eccentric restaurateur and a notoriously prickly food writer that made it happen.

Ilana Weitzman offers some wisdom on how to boost the calorie count of your next story.

A chat Ilana Weitzman on the highs and lows of food writing.

Ilana Weitzman explains why you don't have to eat a food to write about it.

You can also read all the other posts in our “Food for Thought” series. 

Bon appetit!

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