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We have a winner! The Seusstivus Twitter Challenge

We thought Seusstivus was a lot of fun and judging by the entries we got, so did you! There were so many great entries, that our judge, Jonathan Goldstein, had a very hard time choosing.

Listen to Jonathan Goldstein reading some of his favourite tweets:


And the winner is...

the Arnprior Library. Read our Q&A with the library.


winner_twitterpic_post.jpg The winning Seussian word: NICKCHIMCHARPHOBIA : the fear children have that Santa will be burned by the fire when he arrives down the chimney

This is what judge Jonathan Goldstein had to say:

"I was overwhelmed by so many wonderfully crafted, clever entries (and if I were, in fact, a clever enough writer myself I’d be able to come up with a word for it, that feeling where you realize how much intelligence and wit there is out there and how little you've been endowed with. Perhaps the Germans have a word for it? Professionalenvy?)
But the thing that stood out about this word and its definition, the thing that gave it that extra twist, that tipped it into the basket, was that while it was brilliantly clever, it was also pitch perfectly Seussian.
In its inner logic as well as its musicality—the way it trips off the tongue in the pleasing way that nonsense often does; but then, too, it has this layer of thoughtfulness. And as with all things thoughtful, a sprinkling of anxiety.
How indeed will Santa make it down? Will magic trump real world burns? Do I believe strongly enough?
It recalls that mix of a child’s wonder and that pragmatism that kids have, that ability to unselfconsciously speak the bottom line: If the fat man in red gets toasted, what does it mean for me and my gifts?"


Congratulations to the Arnprior Library!
Listen to Jonathan Goldstein reading some of his favourite tweets:


Happy Holidays from Canada Writes!

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