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Seusstivus Twitter Challenge: Meet the winner

We talk to the winner of the Seusstivus Holiday Twitter Challenge, the Arnprior Library, about their winning tweet.


Tell us about yourself. 

Located in the heart of beautiful Arnprior with the best view in town, we’re a small library where we dream big. Recently renovated and very inviting, we’re filled with wonderful books, resources, history, art and more than 400 patrons walking through the door every day - no shushing here!

We provide a vibrant community space to enrich lives through literature with programs and services, and an exploration of the arts through a new series called Arnprior Expressions. This series was launched in the fall in partnership with the Ottawa International Writers’ Festival.

Two of your librarians submitted to the challenge, please tell us a bit about them.

Carolyn Swayze is the Children’s & Teen Services librarian whose ultimate dream is to have a pet goat for the library. She feels very fortunate to have a life filled with books and children.

Karen DeLuca the current CEO, but still a children’s librarian at heart. Her goal is to yarn bomb the town and get those knitting books into circulation.

Both DeLuca and Swayze love their jobs.  Every day feels like Christmas with a constant stream of new books to process and make available to our happy patrons.

How did you hear about the "Seusstivus Twitter Challenge?

We heard about the challenge by following CBC on social media. The library retweeted the challenge and we figured if we were asking patrons to be creative, we’d better step up to the plate and provide inspiration.

Your winning Tweet was a quite dark but spoke to a real truth about the holiday. How did you come up with it?

Carolyn remembers her own fears as a young child and how her parents would humour her and douse the fire on Christmas Eve.

How do you use Twitter in general?

Twitter is a new vehicle in the library’s social media toolkit. We like its immediacy.  What better way to share innovative ideas?

How popular are Dr. Seuss books at the Library? What do you appreciate most about Dr. Seuss?

The library is well stocked with this perennial favourite. We noticed a real spike in circulation when one of the local elementary schools selected Dr. Seuss as their featured author for a month; and again when another school presented the musical “Seussical”. Seuss books appeal to our zany sense of humour!

Did you have any particular favourite Tweets from the day?

@doug_maclean’s Auld-lang-xiety: Holiday-induced stress tinged with the fear that you've wasted yet another year of your life.

The word itself has great rhythm and the sentiment is so true. No sooner do you get over the anxiety around Christmas and you’re confronted with all the pressures of the New Year.

What are some Canadian children’s authors you think people should know more about?

Monica Blackburn, Children’s Librarian at Mississippi Mills Public Library in Almonte Ontario wrote Do it, Earl do it!  It’s illustrated by Sam Hamilton also from Almonte.  It’s a sweet picture book about a snail with chutzpah. Catherine Austen from Quebec, whose first novel Walking Backward will brighten your day and break your heart.

How will Arnprior enjoy the ipod touch?

 All the better to tweet with, my dear!

You can follow the Arnprior Library on Twitter @arnpriorlibrary

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