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Lisa Dalrymple: No two days are ever the same

In honour of the December 25 broadcast of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" with WireTap's Jonathan Goldstein, we're devoting ourselves to Canadian children's authors and other Seussian surprises here at Canada Writes.

In her Seussian writing tip, the Skink on the Brink author muses on rolling with both the good and bad.

Lisa Dalrymple.jpgSomething about writing I need to learn.  Again.
No two days are ever the same.

Some are more pain and less product.
There’s sighing,
much whying,
and oh-me-oh-mying.

Some are simply automagic.

Some can barely get started.
They’re mixed up and muddled,

Others start themselves 
and will not be halted.
They may be horrific
or mons-terrific.

But all days have their ways 
that will never be repeated. Again.

Lisa Dalrymple is the author of the recently released If It’s No Trouble…A Big Polar Bear. Her second picture book, Skink on the Brink, is due out in May 2013 after having won The Writers’ Union of Canada’s Writing for Children Competition in 2011.

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