Canada Writes: Close Encounters with Science

For the month of November, we're teaming up with the Massey Lectures and the Canada Council for the Arts to bring you true stories of close encounters with science and technology.

Remember the first time you ever lit a match? Thought about how, over the past couple of decades, the personal computer has infiltrated your daily life? Or how you never go to a bank teller anymore? 

At Canada Writes, we're fascinated by the subject of this year's Massey Lectures, "The Universe Within", and lecturer Neil Turok's insights on how science and technology affect everything from our environment to our innermost thoughts.

A new original literary series

In partnership with the Canada Council for the Arts, we've asked ten Governor General's Award-winning authors to write about how science and technology have touched their lives. Starting November 1, we'll be running a commissioned "Close Encounters with Science" literary series featuring writers like David Adams Richards, Wayson Choy and Sharon Butala. 

Starting November 11, you'll also hear some of these writers reading their pieces on CBC Radio One's The Sunday Edition.

Writers to watch

The ten GG-winning writers who'll be taking part in this series also each recommended a writer to watch. We'll be giving you the chance to discover these up-and-coming Canadian writers by publishing their true Close Encounters with Science, as well.

$1,000 writing challenge

In the spirit of last year's "True Winter Tales" challenge in collaboration with the Massey Lectures and the Canada Council for the Arts, we're again looking for your own true stories. Submit your Close Encounter with Science to our challenge—we have $1,000 to give away to the grand prize winner, courtesy of the Canada Council. 


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