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“Tweets from 2112” All-Stars: Part 1


We'll be announcing the winner of our “Tweets from 2112” writing challenge on Wednesday, October 31. In the meantime, we're rolling out the All-Stars as chosen by our intrepid readers at SF Canada.

Today's categories: “Technology” and “Space Exploration”.

Just to recap, we asked you to take a time machine 100 years into the future and send us a message via Twitter (while using the hashtag #canadawrites). Here are some of our favourites:


Mary Pickering ‏@happycat202  Apple releases their new line of A.I.Helperbots! Now, three laws safe! Some wonder if its too soon after the "apple-ocalypse" 
Jessica Hill ‏@MysticMustang After yet another iDog attack the Samsung Catdroid is the new family favorite in household pets 
Tracy Aiello ‏@tracyohn Teleport system on fritz today Avoid intercontinental travel - #secondplanetaryproblems 
Christos Tsirbas ‏@seetsirbas Uploaded Mother to cloud. Got the blue screen of death. Stupid Microsoft wetware! 
Star and Ben ‏@HappyCreators Transcendance through technology now possible with Ultra Enlightenment - Your path to a brighter tomorrow! 
drew p ‏@drewz_fhreal A sign just yelled at me! Who knew boards could talk and theres a special on bottled air today! 
Abra Six ‏@AbraSix 2112 enumeration is meaning(less). Timestream re-routed through hyper-pylon grid. Redundancy activated. Don't Rush. Enjoy.

Thomas Frattaroli ‏@thomasfratt Portal to Mars now open. Citizens can chose living on Earth or the Red Planet

Kenneth T. Williams ‏@feralkenneth Atheists refute Steve Jobs' divinity - claim he was human "like everybody else!"

Melissa Dimock ‏@refashionista People used to meet on the Internet -- how quaint! Now we're auto-matched at birth by genetic compatibility testing.

Andrea Beça ‏@contessabessa No, I'm serious. There was a time when dogs didn't speak English. We thought they liked when we dressed them up!

Mark Purdy ‏@markpurdy So, the singularity happened... and I'm still single... Good news is my robot leader is using me as her "toy"

Kyle Sergeant ‏@KSergeant86 You go to Tim Horton's. You sit. They strap you in. It's injected. You're good for thirty days.

Mark A. Rayner ‏@markarayner My human is acting so adorable today. He's convinced he has free will.

MJ Terrell ‏@mjlterrell  Earth's first murder committed by an Android! Watch the live court trial here. 

Mike Likes Burgers ‏@mikelikesburger This machine makes my imagined thoughts come alive on the walls of my den. It's the darndest thing. We made dreams obsolete. 

Andrea Beça ‏@contessabessa Trust me, I understand how frustrating it is that you STILL don't have a flying car.

Sherry ‏@sdramsey Nanny 'bot botches the diaper change, and cleaner 'bot misses a spot on the floor. Do I have to do EVERYTHING around here?

MomRedefined (Tracy) ‏@MomRedefined  I just logged onto the public library. All the authors are in use.

Space Exploration

GJV ‏@G_Veers Alert: The NTyson-1 extrasolar probe has reached the red dwarf Proxima Centauri. Planet nearby. Contact? Glory to the #ORG

Camilla Laurel ‏@camillalaurel Strange sightings of UFOs reported. Conspiracy theorists claim aliens from the planet Earth are behind these sightings

Andrew Belding ‏@Sandman5 Currently waiting in moonbase Alpha One for the next shuttle to Mars.

Earl J. Woods ‏@EarlJWoods First Canadian immigrant to Mars colony complains "Even with terraforming the weather here is worse than Winnipeg in January"

Mark A. Rayner ‏@markarayner Everyone on the space elevator just keeps standing shoulder to shoulder, not talking. It's creepy and it lasts for HOURS.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our “Tweets from 2112” All-Stars tomorrow.

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