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"Tweets from 2112" All-Stars: Part 5

We'll be announcing the winner of our “Tweets from 2112” writing challenge on Wednesday, October 31. In the meantime, we're rolling out the All-Stars as chosen by our intrepid readers at SF Canada.

Today's category: The rise of the androids

Lacy Lalonde ‏@lacylalonde All I am saying is that artificially intelligent robots make better parents. They are much more reliable. Studies prove this.

Sherry ‏@sdramsey OMG, hubby's bringing his new android manager home for dinner. Do androids even eat? #futuremom 

Adam Shaftoe ‏@AdamShaftoe The Asimov estate filed suit against servitor manufacturer Robodyne for failure to pay royalties on their use of the 3 Laws. 

Earl J. Woods ‏@EarlJWoods Alberta Progressive Conservative dynasty ends at 141 years; surprise loss to RedGreen coalition blamed on high AI turnout

Bryan Rumble ‏@BryanRumble Just for jokes, the AI has locked me out of the ship again. Tell me again why we let him watch that movie and named him Hal?

Kari Maaren ‏@angrykem My parents and grandparents are, like, the LEADERS of the human cell of the android revolution. I thought my family was NORMAL 

AEBowes ‏@AEBowes It turns out that androids DO dream of electric sheep. 

Fairfield Fables ‏@Flash4w3rd Unfertilized human eggs for sale cheap. W/out a sperm replicator circa 2050 not good for much other than a conversation piece

Margot Mallinson ‏@MargotM7 Virus in my cortical implant. Panicking. Can't hear friends anymore. How will I know what we're all feeling? Also, it's dark. 

TheBFC ‏@FunnyGeekCanuck Last physical keyboard removed from school in Phoenix, Western United Republic today - Students receive new mindscan interface

Sentinel_420 ‏@Sentinel_420 First child born directly into virtual universe 10/24/12, likely to never experience physicality #singularityishere

Matthew Dalzell ‏@MattDalzell Clone Steve Jobs unveils Apple's newest iLobe cerbral implant. New endorphin stimulating feature makes it truly addictive.

Stay tuned for the big reveal of our "Tweets from 2112" Grand Prize winner on October 31!

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