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“Tweets from 2112” All-Stars: Part 4

We'll be announcing the winner of our “Tweets from 2112” writing challenge on Wednesday, October 31. In the meantime, we're rolling out the All-Stars as chosen by our intrepid readers at SF Canada.
Today's categories: “Politics, Religion & Sports” 

Just to recap, we asked you to take a time machine 100 years into the future and send us a message via Twitter (while using the hashtag #canadawrites). Here are some of our favourites:


Geoff Robbins ‏@_TheGeoff Survey shows 12% of people still identify themselves as part of a "nation" or "religion" before their corporate grouping. 
Ryan Byrne ‏@ryanbyrneman China stops buying Canadian oil companies, buys Alberta instead. 
Andy W Taylor ‏@SooGuy68 Gov't announced today that prime parcels of land on the former Lake Erie lakebed will be auctioned off. 
Rob Hoadley ‏@robhoadley Canadian Expeditionary Force in Newfoundland announce they have retaken Corner Brook from separatist rebels. 

John Hansen ‏@jduncanhansen First A.I. prime minister proposes amendment to Charter of Rights & Freedoms prohibiting discrimination against zombies 

Jaclyn Qua-Hiansen ‏@jacqua83 
Men protest for gender equality, cite history as proof that men can be good presidents. 

Kyle Sergeant ‏@KSergeant86 Justin vs Pierre is the top thesis title coming out of McGill.  

Kathryn Allan, PhD ‏@BleedingChrome Remember how the British Queen was on all of our money? Reagan looks so much better :-) 

MomRedefined (Tracy) ‏@MomRedefined Today the government admitted to administering the disease instead of the vaccine in what sources call "population control." 


Mark A. Rayner ‏@markarayner Kinda worried about the Schism breaking out in the CyberCatholic Church. Think the RoboPope is serious about a human purge? 

Cindy James ‏@bertagal Church of Higgs Boson particulates predict world end ahead of Christmas shopping season 

John S. Barker ‏@bricksnostraw Proven: the Universe is a quantum computer. Still don't know what's being computed, but do know we're just simulations in it. 


Christina Vasilevski ‏@cvasilevski Summer Olympics on Mars turn out to be most successful yet - new records made on Olympus Mons bungee jump.

Hart Shouldice ‏@Hartamophone Leafs Nation optimistic that call-ups from the farm team on quasar alpha-7Q4 will help end the 145-year drought. 

Kyle Sergeant ‏@KSergeant86 The Maple Leafs haven't won the Stanley Cup since 1967. And now no one cares. 

Matthew Dalzell ‏@MattDalzell To think, athletes used to have to do something called 'doping.' It was before we started the pro-sport breeding programs. 

Stay tuned for Part 5 of our “Tweets from 2112” All-Stars tomorrow.

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