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“Tweets from 2112” All-Stars: Part 3

We'll be announcing the winner of our “Tweets from 2112” writing challenge on Wednesday, October 31. In the meantime, we're rolling out the All-Stars as chosen by our intrepid readers at SF Canada.

Today's category: “Biology” 

Just to recap, we asked you to take a time machine 100 years into the future and send us a message via Twitter (while using the hashtag #canadawrites). Here are some of our favourites:

Melissa Dimock ‏@refashionista The autocorrect feature of the iBrain implant makes people say the stupidest things. #DYAC
Sherry ‏@sdramsey Had to change the embryonic fluid in the new baby's vat this morning. Honestly, it would be easier to carry this thing myself.
Charlotte Ashley ‏@CharlotteAshley Doc confirm 165th carrier of the "UpGene" identified. PM vows nation-wide screening. "There is only one humanity."
Camilla Laurel ‏@camillalaurel Apple Releases iBrain 3. Chip now comes with 3-D functionality, HD, anti-brainwashing software and available in 3 colours. 
SophieK ‏@newEXexpat Had to get my phone implant updated. Things were less painful when getting the newest model didn't require surgery.
Sherry Peters ‏@sherry_peters No more sick days? Employers rejoice, workers revolt as cure for the common cold discovered! 

Mike Likes Burgers ‏@mikelikesburger Update: Error in Google's ExSight optic implant software. Collective hallucination experience by millions in Sao Paulo. 
Ashleigh Mattern ‏@Ashleighmattern Report says mind-to-mind psi-texts are the No. 1 cause of relationship problems.

Kari Maaren ‏@angrykem Grandpa keeps going on about how spoiled I am. What does he know? I bet he doesn't even HAVE an empathy implant. 
Rebecca Fleming ‏@ripfleminski Sorry for the weird dreamtweets last night, I forgot to disconnect my brain from my feed.
'Nathan Smith ‏@PostropheN Publishing industry worried about the impact of neural downloads on traditional ebook business.
Dawn Mockler ‏@dawnymock  Batteries died in my neurotransmitter receptor activator today : ( Feeling hungry and maybe angry - EMOTIONS! 
Mike Likes Burgers ‏@mikelikesburger The lucid dreaming headset is uncomfortable, but I use it each night to create the life we would have led had you not left. 
Kari Maaren ‏@angrykem I can see the neighbours out mindmelding in their back yard, and here I am stuck inside on my computer. It's not FAIR. 
John S. Barker ‏@bricksnostraw My bio-net interface froze last night for over an hour. I couldn't remember who I was or even what videos were worth watching! 
Moongazing ‏@JubleeW The falling for the wrong guy gene found. Gene splicing waiting list now stands at 12 years.
John S. Barker ‏@bricksnostraw Just imported my dad's memories. Ew. Why, Dad, why?

marlibu ‏@marlibu hmmm what colour should my hair be today... Love this new one button system 

Melissa Dimock ‏@refashionista Growing babies in the new portable home incubation system is so easy! And I love the post-birth auto-nanny feature! 

JJ Lee ‏@jj_lee Strating back from Corto Maltese. Guess who got chimera surgery! pic.twitter.com/jXPVwq8h 

Charlotte Ashley ‏@CharlotteAshley Woman Sues Parents For Having Her Cloned: "I get they thought I was going to die, but I shouldn't have to share my life!" 

Matthieu Legault ‏@matthieulegault Multigender person sent to colonize Uranus alone through self love. His/her parents are so proud of their son/daughter 

Sarah ‏@scolefiction Yes, real makeup is romantic & trendy, but I think girls that act like they’re not microchipped with Beauty Imprint are posers. 

Travis Penner ‏@Travispenner Great deals for young families. Buy one clone-child get the second one at half off! 

Sherry ‏@sdramsey Kids brought another virus home from school. Now I have to scan and clean everyone's implants AGAIN. #futuremom 

Moongazing ‏@JubleeW Client banking implants malfunction during month long solar flare ups. Millions of dollars lost. 

John S. Barker ‏@bricksnostraw Cryptogeneticist charged with espionage. Fifteen children found with genetically-encoded state secrets. 

Keith Parker ‏@keith0363 Centers for Disease Control report Alzheimer's pandemic linked to Internet sentience. 

Charlotte Ashley ‏@CharlotteAshley New trend lets hopeful parents freeze embryos to be grown by later generations. Touted as "loophole" to pop. control measures. 

Cindy James ‏@bertagal Cadaver shortage stymies scientific research as actvists protest anti-age vaccination. 

Mark Purdy ‏@markpurdy Brain implant surgery tomorrow! Getting 10 million neurons of additional memory! 

Stay tuned for Part 4 of our “Tweets from 2112” All-Stars tomorrow.

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