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“Tweets from 2112” All-Stars: Part 2

We'll be announcing the winner of our “Tweets from 2112” writing challenge on Wednesday, October 31. In the meantime, we're rolling out the All-Stars as chosen by our intrepid readers at SF Canada.

Today's category “Environment” 

Just to recap, we asked you to take a time machine 100 years into the future and send us a message via Twitter (while using the hashtag #canadawrites). Here are some of our favourites:


Larissa Andrusyshyn ‏@highwiregirl A special low price on SPF 500 allowed little Miley to go outside for the first time since the great ozone crisis of 2044 
A Novel Woman ‏@anovelwoman Great deals at Arctic Circle Resort - swim, golf, beach volleyball - your hammock awaits
Sherry Peters ‏@sherry_peters Beach-front property values skyrocket in tropical Churchill, Manitoba 
Melissa Dimock ‏@refashionista Travelocity has a bang-up deal on a weeklong stay at Sandals Iqualuit! Take SPF 50, though
biolite ‏@biolite I think it was a good idea to exploit our oil resources. I do miss Vancouver and all those other coastal cities though...
Shilpa ‏@ShilpaRaikar I hear you used to live in homes that you owned. Earth became expensive. Our ancestors left to find a better life on Mars
Corey Redekop ‏@CoreyRedekop It's a hard life, toiling in the betacarotene mines for our sentient carrot overlords. Good health plan, though. 
Laurie Burns ‏@lauriecburns No one has eaten meat since 2056. Most survive on mushrooms from underground tunnels, sugar packets and bread grown in closets 
Melissa Dimock ‏@refashionista The electric car was a great innovation -- at least so long as we had electricity #horsepower

Kenneth T. Williams ‏@feralkenneth Underwater tours of Old Winnipeg seen as economic boon for Saskatchewan

Charlotte Ashley ‏@CharlotteAshley Will global cooling harm aquaculture? Scientists warn carbonic acid levels declining, cite lack of new C02 sources. 

John S. Barker ‏@bricksnostraw Nanotech "fog" offers new hope for global cooling, but G2 can't agree on implementation timeline. Shanghai Accord endangered.

Archie Kubacki ‏@akubacki IMF decision final, G-4 signs on, calorie and water credits are now standard world currency. Gold prices down to a trickle.

Colleen @30Minutes4Me Plastic dump found! Excellent source of plastoline due to high water bottle & plastic bag content. Will power GTA 4 ten years!

James Putnam ‏@JamesPutnam Now that the Grand Canyon is full, people begin to ask where will we put our trash?

TheBFC ‏@FunnyGeekCanuck Suncor's 'Snowflake' Arcology for workers again has problems with power and water supply, CEO Niven says 'No comment'

Gerald Brandt ‏@GeraldBrandt South Africa joins world in banning fracking as Port Elizabeth sinks into ocean.  

Patrick Rowe ‏@rialweght 50th hurricane this year. Management team needs a smack. Control weather or it controls you! #globalsystems

Mike Likes Burgers ‏@mikelikesburger Every year, we visit the corpse of Vegas. There we vigil for the city where we could have anything we wanted, but water 

MomRedefined (Tracy) ‏@MomRedefined Oh good, it's garbage day - my favourite day of the year.

Natasha Master ‏@NatticusMaximus Iqaluit celebrates 50 years as Canada's capital. Archipelagos of Ontario and Quebec commemorate anniversary of Great Flood. 

Natalie ‏@OceanScented Have you tried the Million $ water bath at the spa? It's amazing how clean you feel with pure water. Sacred resource ya know.

Zachary MacDonald ‏@ZackAndHisMoney Back from a visist to Prince Edward Archipelago--Cavendish's hydroponic potato farms are looking great.

John S. Barker ‏@bricksnostraw More than 300 tours a day to see first polar ice in more than 70 years. Can the arctic take it?

Mark A. McCutcheon ‏@sonicfiction Hunters have moved on. Kids sleeping, despite heat. Power low: one last crowdbeg for #food or #meds, pls DM if u can share. 

GJV ‏@G_Veers Visited the bio-museum in quad 11 today. Smelt a bio-rose for the 1st time. Inferior to our synths. Praise the #ORG

Sherry ‏@sdramsey Some of Gramma's old recipes are gross--seems like meat was made from real animals back then. #futuremom

Stay tuned for Part 3 of our “Tweets from 2112” All-Stars tomorrow.

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