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The "Tweets from 2112" Challenge is now open!

You've got until 9 pm ET tonight to teleport yourself 100 years into the future and Tweet back the most profound, funny, prescient or downright silly news you can think of. #canadawrites

Cat mayors enter 3rd term in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal, thanks to pioneer @TuxedoStan #canadawrites

Caught some of the Red Green infomorph last night... still nothing but duct-tape jokes #canadawrites

I guess we no longer have to call Vancouver "Hollywood North" :( #Californiaquake #canadawrites

Let's say fracking, climate change and the cultural apocalypse that is Honey Boo Boo don't obliterate us all in the next century. What will we be tweeting about 100 years into the future? 

Get on the Twitterwaves and tell us today in the "Tweets from 2112" Writing Challenge. Write your best tweet from 100 years in the future with the hashtag #canadawrites. 

The Canada Writes Sci-Fi Twitter Challenge is from 9 am to 9 pm ET  today. 

The grand prize: An iPod Touch—we'll also be giving away amazing books by Canadian sci-fi authors throughout the day (at least 2 per hour!).

An elite team of highly caffeinated, talented, and slightly offbeat writers from SF Canada will be reading the Twitter feed all day at #canadawrites and advising our celebrity judge on the strongest tweets.


Who's judging?
We rustled up someone who knows a thing or two about good futuristic writing... none other than Robert J. Sawyer! (Twitter: @RobertJSawyer) Read his thoughts on the five biggest myths about sci-fi writers. It may give you some tips on what NOT to tweet today.

Stay tuned right here at Canada Writes, through our Facebook page or our Twitter feed (@cbcbooks) for more details. We can't wait to see what the future has in store!

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