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The "Tweets from 2112" Challenge is now closed!

Thank you everyone for your memorable Tweets today. We saw so much pass through the #CanadaWrites hashtag in the past 12 hours (talking cats, mindmelding, sentient carrot overlords). We hope you had as much fun as we did!

We want to take a moment to express our greatest thanks to the six sci-fi novelists from SF Canada who steered our vessel through the cosmos of submissions: Matthew Hughes, Edward Willett, Hayden Trenholm, Alison Sinclair, Lynda Williams and Steve Stanton. You guys were great!! May you all live long and prosper!

We’d also like to thank the various book publishers for providing us with giveaways throughout the challenge: Penguin Canada, Raincoast Books, HarperCollins Canada, Random House of Canada, Dundurn Press, Chizine Publications and Douglas & McIntyre. Having some great Canadian sci-fi titles and participation prizes really made the day soar.

Tomorrow we will begin to publish the best Tweets (as selected by the readers of SF Canada), and will continue to do so every day until the winner is announced on Wednesday, October 31. During this time our judge Robert J. Sawyer will look over all of the longlisted Tweets and choose his favourite.

So, stay tuned right here at Canada Writes, through our Facebook page or our Twitter feed (@cbcbooks) for more details.


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