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Steve Stanton: Writing from the subconscious

The author of The Bloodlight Chronicles on the power of writing fresh from a dream state.

"Career novelists write every day with little reward and no immediate gratification, so finding the motivation to grind it out month after month is the Big Trick. My advice to authors is to work in the morning when the mind is fresh and undistracted by the vagaries of the world. I’m a firm believer in the creative power of the subconscious mind and the so-called eureka experience. The human brain can solve problems while you sleep and provide answers in the morning, so authors should cultivate the hypnopompic state between dreams and waking to rehearse a scene or get a scrap of dialogue in mind to launch the day’s events. You’ll know you’ve hit a sweet spot when you rise from bed and rush to the keyboard before the kitchen."

Steve Stanton is the author of The Bloodlight Chronicles sci-fi trilogy: Reconciliation (2010), Retribution (2011) and Redemption (2012). His short stories have been published in sixteen countries and a dozen languages, and he currently serves as President of SF Canada

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