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Where are they now?

Where are they now: Challenge winner Chris Craddock

As we near the first birthday of Canada Writes, we're checking in with our writing challenge "Hall of Famers" from the past year. Seems the winner of our wildly popular Breakup Tweet Challenge, Chris Craddock, has been keeping pretty busy.

image-chris.jpgWhat's new with you these days?

Well, I'm busy opening my new play Apocalypse: A Period Piece at the Edmonton Fringe. I've recently returned from Chicago where I was performing my Superhero Improv show The Harold of Galactus with pal and collaborator Mark Meer. Most importantly, I will soon be a father! 

How's the writing coming along? Any new writing projects?

Working on lots of stuff! We're in post-production for our TV show Tiny Plastic Men premiering in early 2013 on Super Channel, and me and collaborator and pal Nathan Cuckow have just signed a film option with Fresh Dog pictures to adapt our play 3...2...1. But mostly I paint the nursery and debate diapering options. I have lots of time open in 2013, so if you need a writer, you know, hire me. 

What about your self-avowed Twitter obsession? Has that died down at all? If not, who are you most enjoying following?

Still pretty Twitter-y I must say. I like following different people for different things. I like to gently tease @DeepakChopra, and I follow @kady for House of Commons coming and goings and @oldmanwheldon and @robdelaney for comedy. There's many others. I follow about 1,400 people. 

How did winning the Breakup Tweet Challenge (and the praise of the discriminating Tabatha Southey) affect your self-confidence as a writer? 

I was thrilled, of course, to be noticed by a writer such as Tabatha Southey, and this resulted in a confidence surge that almost has me in positive numbers.

You wrote a tremendous number of Breakup Tweets for this challenge, ranging in subject matter from Mario Kart to Stephen Harper to droids—yet the one Tabatha chose as the winner, about Timbits, generated quite the controversy in the Comments section. How did you feel about this Tweet winning? Did the comments get to you at all?

I never thought to read them, and now I guess I'm pretty glad. I think a Twitter contest always feels like the winner is a letdown. It's only 140 characters! Personally, I don't think my funniest tweet on the subject won either.

Have you entered any other Canada Writes challenges since, or kept up with what's been going on?

No I haven't. What's up? Are you guys Prime Minister yet? Where do you stand on a carbon tax?

What about the CBC Literary Prizes? Have you thought about submitting? 

I haven't as yet. I'm a comedy and play writer, so many of my efforts would not be appropriate. Then there'd be comments and I might read them. I'd be dead by noon just from commenters telling me to "kill mysolf" (sp intended).

What have you been doing with your iPad 2?

It's quite a tool. I use it all the time, from scripts to Skype to playing the Iron Man 2 game, which is actually pretty challenging. I think the guy who does Tony Stark's voice is the guy from You Don't Know Jack. Can anyone confirm?

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