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Writing Tips

Coach's Corner: Ron Smith

A writing tip fom B.C. author and sports biographer Ron Smith: write about the passion behind the sport.

Ron Smith

"The stories behind why some people are so competitive and such high achievers have always intrigued me. What drives them? Why run a marathon? Why pedal all over France without a thought for the cuisine or wine? Perhaps writing springs from the same source. From a similar obsession. Why write a novel? Or a biography of a sport’s icon? What I do know is that both fixations require passion, commitment and a sense of adventure, otherwise you’re stuck in the blocks. Writing about sport should be as thrilling as penning fiction and as demanding as making a poem. Never dumb it down! The great sports writers of the past understood this. They knew their subject, they knew beauty was in the detail, and they knew how to ride a metaphor past the post."

Ron Smith is the author of eight books, his two most recent being the illustrated children’s book, Elf the Eagle, short-listed for the BC Book Prizes and the Saskatchewan Young Reader’s Award, and Kid Dynamite: The Gerry James Story, a biography of the only athlete to compete in a Grey Cup, for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and Stanley Cup, for the Toronto Maple Leafs, in the same season. James went on to win two Schenley Awards, place as runner-up to Rocket Richard for the Lou Marsh Award in 1957, and hold 18 CFL records at one time.

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